Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well, i wasn't going to post until the morning, but I am just so thrilled. Josh and I came home for the night to spend some time with family and see Joshua. He has been a little confused lately with mom and dad being gone so much. He is too cute, running and hugging us. 'MOMMY!!' So sweet. So we've had a nice evening with him and getting away is kind of nice too.
Sadly today Lucas had a big day and we missed it. He had a MRI and the plan was to extubate him and to feed. The nurse told me that she would call so that I had an idea of when things were to happen. Around 4pm they went for the MRI and I got a call from another nurse at 5 telling me they were back. Just around 9pm the phone rang again. I wasn't too scared because if it were an emergency, they would use the pager that they gave us. The Dr on call tonight was calling me to tell me that they took Lucas off the ventilator!!! He was doing great and breathing well on his own!! I was so thrilled and so sad not to be there. I started crying and thanked her for calling. What an amazing moment! She also said that they were going to try feeding him a bit later too. It will be breast milk and it will be through his G tube in his stomach. What a day!
So tomorrow there will be a lot of pictures, you can count on that!! I can't wait to get back there and hold him whenever I want!!! It was so good for us to leave, and now I can't wait to get back there!!!!

Come back for pics!

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Montefusco Family said...

Yay! I am so happy for Lucas and can't wait to come back and see new pictures of him [tubeless]. Congratulations!