Saturday, August 23, 2008

One step forward, two steps back.

Well, as the title says, we had a little less progress today. After starting feedings with just a taste, we put it into a pacifier and he got some milk. He did great and we got a plan together for the weekend to start doing it twice a day. Then we would move on to trying a bottle. Lucas had another upper GI later that day to look at his bowels and intestine just to make sure they were in working order and nothing was twisted or obstructed. Well, they were. His intestines were twisted and so they needed to do a surgery to correct it. They also plan o taking his appendix out because it would have to be in a different spot than normal, and it would be hard to ever know if something were wrong. So they stopped his breast milk and his IV nutrition. The surgery was scheduled at 1pm, but then it was postponed until 6pm. And low and behold I just got a call saying it was postponed again until 12am. They have had emergency surgeries all day basically and Lucas isn't sick enough to be at the top. So there is good in it, I guess.

I dropped my mom off at the airport this morning. It was quick enough to not get emotional, but I think that I did so much weeping last week that I am weeped out! She has been such a great help to me and my family these last 2 weeks and I could not have gone through this without her.

Here are a couple pictures from yesterday when my mom got to hold Lucas. And then a picture of him getting some breast milk! And then a picture of Josh holding Lucas for the 2nd time. He is a little scared of the baby and so I made him hold him.

The scrapbook page was made by one of the nurses. Its just too cute!


TiffanyMLPN said...

Rachel, wow what a little fighter you have! He is so small and yet has gone through more than most adults do in a lifetime! He looks great. Keep up the good work, stay strong

Rebekah Moore said...

and he gets even cuter with his little peepers open!! he's so adorable!