Tuesday, January 5, 2010


What a lame title for this post. But it gives you warning for the lame blog you are about to read.

I'm feeling overwhelmed lately. Life just seems to be going by, and I am just watching. I don't feel like an active participant. I'm feeling a bit 'out of it'. I guess I'm having some self pity. Feeling sorry for myself. I have a bad attitude.

I really don't have great reasons for feeling this way. I have a great life surrounded by great people. But man, oh man, I feel crappy. I guess its just hard times, and sometimes people get this way. Right? Difficult phases in marriage. Sick kids. Cranky kids. Dirty houses. Fat pants. This happens to everyone right?

When you already feel yucky, you see other people having such a great life. None of the issues that you are dealing with. Its starts the whole 'jealousy' and 'self hatred' stuff. (I speak generally, trying to make myself feel better.)

I know that I'll get out of this funk. I always do. Something silly will happen and I will realized how truely blessed I am.

I shouldn't even post this. But in case anyone ever thought I had the perfect life, (HAHAHAHA) they'll now know, its not the truth!