Thursday, May 28, 2009


Again I post when I'm not really up to. Shame.

So here's my big reveal. My really good friend from back in NY was getting married. Originally my BFF was going to fly with me so I could fly for free, but that wasn't gonna work out. Of course Katie had to get married on Memorial Day weekend. So I faced the fats and gave up on getting back to NY. But how could I miss her wedding? This is the girl who never dated. Was always the 'tom-boy', and whom we never thought would marry. How could I miss this? So I searched for tickets and called my daddy. I suckered him into helping me purchase a ticket and started making plans. I brought the baby with me because I wanted to show him off to my parents. And well, who would take both of my kids on a holiday weekend? ;o)
The big deal of the trip was no one knew I was coming. Just my parents and my brothers. I didn't tell any of my friends because I thought it would be fun to surprise them. In my head I pictures walking in on them while they were getting ready and everyone freaking out and screaming and jumping up and down. As I thought about it I realized that I wasn't that important to anyone and I should get a little more of a reality check. So then I started thinking that it would be more of- 'oh hey, Rachel. Cool. Anyway....'. So as I made the final plans that morning as to what was going to happen, I walked in on them and they were soooo excited! They did their little excited yells and it was a blast. I was so glad that I was able to make it to such a beautiful day.
So if you know me at all, you know that I am a take charge kind of girl. Where ever I am, I always tend to take over things. In a good way. (I hope) So that is what I did. I got involved and took pictures, helped get people here and there. Ran for flowers, Starbucks and wedding things. It was awesome. I was able to spend time with all of my great friends and watch a sweet wedding between 2 awesome people.
I did get to spend some great time with my family too. We hung out and played games and talked. I was thrilled to share my baby with all of the. Who would have thought that big uncle Jesse could love a baby so much! My parents were enamored too. One thing that did suck though, was Monday L got sick. He was an angel for 3 days and wham, coughing wheezing, fussy, tummy pain. Sad to think that I go to the pediatrician in NY more than some that live there. They're going to have a file on us filled! They are great though and I am thankful for their taking me on when I am in town.
We made it home after a LONG day of traveling with a fussy baby and forgetting my cell phone in moms car. I was freaking out, but as today has gone by I am realizing that I can live without my phone. (I took my hubby's, BTW)

Now as for the awesome DR's appt last week....I should have written when it was fresh because my brain doesn't last that long anymore. To say that we blew him mind is pretty on spot. We went and saw the physiotherapist. A baby rehab dr. He had read L's file and thought what he'd be seeing was someone other than my kid. Lucas has grown and developed so much lately that he was pretty surprised. When we talked about my pregnancy his face was pretty shocked. When I told him about his birth, he was pretty shocked. And when I told him that the hearing and vision screenings were almost normal, he was SHOCKED! I loved it. He was a great dr and we'll be seeing him in about 3 months. We'll discuss crawling and stuff and baby gates, etc.

So that is it for now. Again, no pictures. I'm too lazy to get up and find my camera. LOL.

Oh and one more thing, we are officially house hunting!!! We met with an agent today and saw a few places. Its soooo exciting. I can't believe that we might be in our own place soon. Oh and House Hunters actually called me back about my application last week. Wouldn't that be cool? I could be on tv.

Ok, done.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bad Blogger. Bad!

So I've been told by a few people to get on it and blog. So here I am . It will be lame, I'll warn you now. I'm not in the mood to sit and look through pictures and write captions. Or upload videos and wait for the thing to finish. So this is what you get.

I have an extremely exciting weekend planned. But its a secret.

I love my friends. I am so very blessed. There was a FB 'fight' over me. Love it!

I googled my hubby's old 'battle buddy' randomly today and got lucky. I am sooo excited to get in touch with him. Out of all of Josh's friends from the Army, he was the only one I ever liked. Maybe even loved. He was so special and weird. :o) He used to just show up whenever and go where ever. What a free spirit. He got out of the Army and never said goodbye. But Josh and I joked that he would just show up one day at our door step. I can't wait to see him again.

Joshua had his last day of preschool Wednesday. I'm sad. It was good for him, and good for mommy. Now what am I gonna do? He he he. -I have video's to upload, but those are the one's that I don't want to wait for.

I am in the process of losing my toe nail. I am so sad. One day I could hardly walk and then all of a sudden it was infected. All because I was exercising with a nail that wasn't short enough. Stupid exercise. I think I learned my lesson on that one. Stop exercising. That one was easy.

Ok, there's my post. I'll have more next week about my awesome weekend plans. And I'll write about the cool doctors appointments we had this week too. I love blowing their minds. It makes me so thankful and super proud.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

where you at?

playing in the carrots

all alone on the swings
Well, its been a couple of weeks since I last posted. We've been a busy family. From the fair, to the ER to the ocean. Yikes.Yes, I said ER. Last week we went to a little birthday for Joshua's friend Aavin at Chuck E Cheese's. On the way there, we stopped at Walmart to get a gift and Lucas was not having fun in his car seat. He was fussy and coughing and wheezing and burping! Burping! It was the strangest thing. Now that might not sound strange to anyone else, but Lucas can't really burp. He might burp once or twice a week, so for him to burp every time he moved or coughed, it was freaking me out. So once we got to the party, he was just a cranky pants. We made it through and went home. While he slept he was totally fine. But once 7pm rolled around, I couldn't take it. We called the DR and went in. My Dr wasn't there and we saw the other Pedi. She was worried because of his previous obstruction and sent us to the ER. Once there we waited about 20 minutes and made it back. They did a chest xray and a tummy one. There wasn't an obstruction, thankfully and really not excuse for his symptoms. The doc said there was a ton of gas in his intestines, but no way to relieve it. They also had us do a breathing treatment and that worked awesome. He stopped wheezing and started breathing well. So they sent us home with an inhaler and we finally made it home by 1am.
Josh and I had plans to go away for the weekend, the same weekend Lucas decided to get sick. Just like back in January. We had plans and Lucas got sick. Little stinker. But we decided last minute to leave. We would only be an hour away, so if we had to come back we could. We had an awesome weekend. The family has a little place on the water down past Olympia and its sooo quiet and peaceful. I couldn't wait to sit outside and listen to NOTHING!! Well, I guess that never really happened. For some reason, everyone decided to mow their lawns on Sunday. Ugh, how are them. he he. We headed back on Monday and came home to the real world. The kids were great the whole time and I am so thankful for my family. I don't know what I would do without them. I'd probably go crazy! That's for sure.So this week has been a recuperation of our weekend. We've had a pretty good week. We've been busy planning our next weekend away! :o)
My latte, coupons and a view
nap time
a book, a bed and chocolate