Sunday, May 3, 2009

where you at?

playing in the carrots

all alone on the swings
Well, its been a couple of weeks since I last posted. We've been a busy family. From the fair, to the ER to the ocean. Yikes.Yes, I said ER. Last week we went to a little birthday for Joshua's friend Aavin at Chuck E Cheese's. On the way there, we stopped at Walmart to get a gift and Lucas was not having fun in his car seat. He was fussy and coughing and wheezing and burping! Burping! It was the strangest thing. Now that might not sound strange to anyone else, but Lucas can't really burp. He might burp once or twice a week, so for him to burp every time he moved or coughed, it was freaking me out. So once we got to the party, he was just a cranky pants. We made it through and went home. While he slept he was totally fine. But once 7pm rolled around, I couldn't take it. We called the DR and went in. My Dr wasn't there and we saw the other Pedi. She was worried because of his previous obstruction and sent us to the ER. Once there we waited about 20 minutes and made it back. They did a chest xray and a tummy one. There wasn't an obstruction, thankfully and really not excuse for his symptoms. The doc said there was a ton of gas in his intestines, but no way to relieve it. They also had us do a breathing treatment and that worked awesome. He stopped wheezing and started breathing well. So they sent us home with an inhaler and we finally made it home by 1am.
Josh and I had plans to go away for the weekend, the same weekend Lucas decided to get sick. Just like back in January. We had plans and Lucas got sick. Little stinker. But we decided last minute to leave. We would only be an hour away, so if we had to come back we could. We had an awesome weekend. The family has a little place on the water down past Olympia and its sooo quiet and peaceful. I couldn't wait to sit outside and listen to NOTHING!! Well, I guess that never really happened. For some reason, everyone decided to mow their lawns on Sunday. Ugh, how are them. he he. We headed back on Monday and came home to the real world. The kids were great the whole time and I am so thankful for my family. I don't know what I would do without them. I'd probably go crazy! That's for sure.So this week has been a recuperation of our weekend. We've had a pretty good week. We've been busy planning our next weekend away! :o)
My latte, coupons and a view
nap time
a book, a bed and chocolate

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Rachael said...

clipping coupons, lattes, kiddos and smores! All the best things in life:)