Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fair Time

I love living here. There is always something going on, something fun to do. In April every year Puyallup has their spring fair. Its a mini version of their big fair in September. There are games, rides, food and lots of animals. Its always the same stuff, but its always different because my child gets bigger every year. Its such a sweet memory I'll always have. The regular fair is much more sentimental to me, but this will do for now. We got out of the house, thoroughly enjoyed the sun and had a blast. Here are a few pictures of our day.

Joshua drumming away

Gotta love my husbands photography skills. Haha. I said I wanted it of Lucas, but hello! Don't cut off my head! Men, I should have known.
I love this picture. Its perfect for these guys. Daddy showing Joshua how to shoot a gun.
He was tired. But these were some his winnings.
'I want that one daddy!'
Milking Mable
Goat petting
OOHHH and alligator.
Enjoying a famous 'crusty pup'
I passed on the pricey fair food. I had scones instead. Its a tradition!
Lucas and momma

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Anonymous said...

Crusty Pups are the best!