Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter Babies!
Lucas looking handsome
Gotta love apartment living. Joshua's Easter egg hunt
Well we had miss Abby in town today. She is the daughter of my best friend AnnMarie. They live in CA now, but we still see them pretty regularly. Abby was staying with her grandparents so we went and stole her for the day. We had fun. We had McD's for lunch and then came home for Lucas' therapy. Then off to the mall to play and then ice cream. Wow, I'm nice. :o)
Therapy time
Its fun for all!
Having fun at the mall
Best friends!

My kid really likes chocolate. He didn't want to miss a drop!
Chocolate faces

Last night was rough over at the Wakefield house. Lucas was pretty fussy after the chiropractor and slept most of the day. But around midnight he would not calm down. Nothing was working. At 3am I vented his g-tube, something I haven't been doing much of lately. Well, out came a bunch of milk. Not that weird usually, but he hadn't eaten since 12. Then after the milk came yellow secreations. Not normal, and quite gross. Remembering back to his bowel obstruction and the discharge that he was having then, I freaked out. I called the oncall surgeon to ask his opinion. He told me to hold off and see what happened in the morning. After an hour or so of venting, he finally fell asleep. That was about 5am. He's been pretty happy all day. A bit shocking for what took place last night. But I am not complaining. He didn't eat again until around 2 and that was only about 2 oz.
Tomorrow we have our hearing test. I know he'll pass this one. This kid hears all the ruckuss in this house, no doubt about it. But I'm asking for prayer anyway!


Montefusco Family said...

Oh my goodness you have been a busy woman! You are nice! I would love coming to your house if I was a kid. Wait... I love coming to your house as an adult.
Sorry about Lucas' problem, I hope that that was it and things are back to normal. Pool lil guy. He is such a champ! So are you.

Rachel 'The housewife' said...

Aww, thanks. Its true, I am nice. Just don't ask MY kid. LOL