Friday, November 28, 2008

Joshua and I....yes,that is a normal facial expression for him. I think hs face might actually freeze that way.

This was Thanksgiving day here in NY. I think we got most of that the day before and that morning. It was fun building our snowman together.
This is out back of my parents house. I love that waterfall. Its just part of the reason I love northern NY.

My oldest friend Tiffany

My parents and the kiddos.
Here is my brother Jesse and Joshua playing in the snow. Nothing too interesting, but its cute. I think that uncle Jesse really gets amused by Joshua.

Joshua likes eating snow, but there wasn't any yet. So this is what he resorted too.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ok so about 3 weeks ago, little man's belly button started crusting over. Totally strange since its been healed since he was about 2 weeks old. Anyway, yesterday I was cleaning it and there was a small black spot. As I started looking closer and moving ita round it looked like a string had attatched to the crust. I pulled gently on it, but it wouldn't come off. Eww, nasty, the string was coming out of his belly button. So as you would all guess, I freaked out. I called my husband and my friend and then the Dr's asking what I should do. I really wanted to talk with the nurses at Children's in Seattle, but no one was answering. Finally I talked with someone today and she calmed me down. Its nothing to freak out about. Its probably just the disolvable stitches that didn't dissolve. So I'm heading back to the hospital when I return to get it checked out about. Its was just a freaky moment. Who has stuff expelled out of their belly button?!

I also took Lucas to the chiropractor Monday. The Dr specialises in pediatrics. She was nice and recommends me to follow up with someone when we get home. He has tight muscles on the left side of his head, which explains why he always has his head turned right! So it was a good appointment overall.

In other news, I didn't lose any weight this week. Boo! I have been on Weight Watchers for about 2 months and have been doing great. Down 17 pounds. But last night I was up .4 Yes, that doesn't sound bad, but I've never gained. So I am guessing that tomorrows festivities won't be helping me lose. Oh well, its vacation, right?!

I hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving. I know I will. My brothers will both be here, and my future sister in law! Joel's engaged and I am so thrilled. Finally, one of them is normal....ish. LOL.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Poor Little Big Toes

My little boy had to have surgery on his little big toes. I swear Lucas has just had the roughest life ever. I know what its like to have ingrown toenails and have to have surgery on them. And basically, it sucks. We went in last Friday and had the side of his nail removed. It hasn't gotten any better since and so we took him in today and they removed the whole toenail in his right toe. And to be safe, they removed the corner of his left toe. He screamed with the shots, but did well with the removal. Its so hard for me to see the poor kid go through pain. I know that this is what we have to deal with as parents, but c'mon already, I'm over it.

On a brighter note..... I talked with the dietitian a few days ago about Lucas being extremely gassy. He has been since we started feedings. After worrying that I may need to switch to formula to help his pain, she asked me if I vent his tube. I told her that I did but it never seemed to help. After talking with a nurse practitioner, she called me back and asked how I was venting. I had been lifting the closure on the tube, which was apparently wrong. I actually needed to put the extension tubing on, as if I were to start a tube feeding and that is how to vent properly. Of course, no one told me that, and I of course didn't pack the tubing with me. So we found a home health care store and I found the correct tubing. I came home and as soon as I put the tubing in and locked it, air came out. You could hear it. It was amazing. So now, after months of torture he is feeling better. Some of you may not know that Lucas can't burp. So after feedings, there is no way for air to escape. So now, I can help the little guy! YEA!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well, we made it to NY. After a long and trying day we were so happy to be on the ground and in our mom's/grandma's arms. It feels like forever since we had seen her when really it had only been since Lucas was born. The last time that we were in NY was last November. Man, so much has changed. Starting with my family, but the city here is so different and even my parents house. Its been relaxing too. We haven't had anything scheduled and it has been awesome. No dr's appointments, playdates. AHHH, I can breath. That is over soon because tomorrow I have plans and we actually have a DR's appointment Friday here. Yes, how crazy. Lucas had a little surgery on his toe Friday before we left and its doesn't look great, so we are taking him in to get it checked out.We flew in and it was snowing and about 30 degrees. Then yesterday it hit 26! Today a whopping 20! LOL. I am going coat shopping tomorrow. HA! Should have thought about that a bit sooner.

So our trip went ok. We hit a ton of traffic Monday morning on the way to the airport. Time that I hadn't accounted for. So as we trekked through the Seattle terminal our S gates were at the opposite end. I had to take elevators that were off the beaten path and I actually got lost. As we arrived to our gate, I was the last person to board. You know how they usually let people with small children board first, well there is a reason for that. I waited at the ramp for my gate checked items to be tagged then trampled through the teeny tiny isle with.... a car seat, back pack, diaper bag, and infant all while watching Joshua march to the end of the isle. Finally someone helped me and took my kid but goodness it was a mess. As we got seated I realized that the wonderful middle seat that had been reserved for us was booked and i had to switch with this nice old man with halitosis. i don't use that often to describe people with bad breath because there is a distinct difference. This man smelled like he actually got done eating poop. My plan of arriving early to the airport was so that I could feed Joshua, put Lucas in his carrier and comfortable and get things ready for a 5 hour flight. Now I had to do it all while sitting in a seat holding a baby. Both of the kids did good considering. They slept at different times, so I was tired but it was better than 2 cranky kids i guess.After landing I only had about 40 mins between landing and take off. I looked for my gate took off. I confused C87 and C97 and so that took some time to cover for. Once arriving at my correct gate I was able to go potty, something I hadn't done since 430AM. I got Joshua a snack and thought, finally, a moment to take a breath. Well, they then announced our gate change. From C97 to C114.

(New day, I went to bed)

As we made our to C114, we all wanted to make sure we were at the right gate. So as the attendant checked she so nicely told us that it was back at C99. And as we so nicely told her it was never at C99 and we weren't walking all the way back there again if it wasn't for sure. So as I literally jogged back with the kids to C99, Joshua all the while yelling, 'mommy, I don't want to run. I want to walk!' And poor little Lucas scrunched us in his cling bouncing up and down. Finally we arrived at C99, and what was waiting you ask? nothing. Yup, no plane. So we stopped and got situated. We were there about 15 minutes and then boarded. It was a short flight, thank God. If it were any longer I think I would have lost my mind.We got to Syracuse around 7, about an hour late. We let Joshua run around and play, the poor kid. And we let Lucas stretch. When we left we finally got some food. Our first meal since 7Am. Then we had an hours drive home. The kids both slept and I got some much needed talking out. When I don't talk all day to adults, it gets built up!

So far our trip has been good though. I think the kids have finally adjusted. Lucas was super fussy the first day back and he is now back to staring at the wall contently. And Joshua was a bit envelope pushing checking out his boundaries, but I think that is starting to go away. And today it snowing. 23 and snowing. Yeah. Oh and if you haven't found the sarcasm in this blog, please re-read and see if you can. It is strategically placed throughout this whole thing. :o)I'll post a few pictures soon. Here is one from last weeks photo shoot. Its the only one that turned out of all of us. Joshua wanted to play with the dog at the farm that wouldn't leave us alone. Josh wanted to leave, he hates pictures. And Lucas couldn't hold his head and he looks goofy in almost every picture. But at lease we got one!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where in the world?

So Josh and I were talking about our 10 year anniversary. Its not until 2010, but we thought maybe we should start saving for it now so that we can go somewhere amazing. Well, as usual, we don't agree. I thought somewhere amazing, the Caribbean, Europe. He thinks, Africa, Alaska, Antarctica. So where do we go? Where would you go if you could go basically anywhere? Give me some ideas would ya?!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Changing of the blog

Ok so I am trying to make my blog prettier and my past posts look dumb now. So I am attempting something here. Lets see......

Saturday, November 8, 2008

One Less Doctor

More great news to report from the Wakefield clan. We had our monthly cardiologist visit this week. Lucas had an echo, the first since being inpatient in Seattle. Lucas' diagnosis since pregnancy has been a VSD and an ASD, ventricular septal and arterial septal defect. Well, as of Thursday the VSD is almost completely gone! The Dr said it was about the size of a pin prick. The ASD is bound to close up on its own and really cause no health problems. We won't be having monthly visits anymore and we don't have to return until Lucas is 1! We are so excited and I love having a Dr's appointment out of the way.

We also met with the neuro optimologist. It went good. He used a lot of foreign terms and big words that I didn't know, but over all it was good. He said that Lucas can see its just that his vision is under developed which we pretty much knew. The vision therapist was there with us during the appointment so she took notes and will probably explain everything to me again. He showed us a few techniques to work on with him too. Overall it was a great experience.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Talk about incredible. Today we had our therapist come together and work with Lucas. The ladies are really nice and just love my little guy. Kama is the vision development therapist and Kim is the occupational therapist. So today they came together to work with him and it was amazing. Occasionally, Lucas will track something or focus on something but it is only occasional. There isn't a real distinction the majority of the time. But today, Kim had her hands under his neck in special place to relieve pressure on the optic nerve and all of a sudden, Lucas was following Kama's light. Tracking and following for almost 10 minutes! It was incredible. Earlier she was working on his diaphragm and he burped. That may not sound neat to you, but he has never burped before! LOL. Yes, its true, he's never burped. Because of his surgery he doesn't burp or throw up. I am just excited about the work that they will be doing with Lucas and I can't wait to see how well he does.
And I just got a call from Kama and she got us in to see the specialist this week. They want to get a 'before' evaluation and get a base line so that when they start working they can see the progress. I am just excited!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm posting these just because these are so sweet of my Joshua. I miss those days!

Lucas had professional pictures finally! After 3 months, we finally made it there. I am really happy with the outcome. Now we can keep the ball rolling as he gets bigger, just as I promised myself.