Friday, November 21, 2008

Poor Little Big Toes

My little boy had to have surgery on his little big toes. I swear Lucas has just had the roughest life ever. I know what its like to have ingrown toenails and have to have surgery on them. And basically, it sucks. We went in last Friday and had the side of his nail removed. It hasn't gotten any better since and so we took him in today and they removed the whole toenail in his right toe. And to be safe, they removed the corner of his left toe. He screamed with the shots, but did well with the removal. Its so hard for me to see the poor kid go through pain. I know that this is what we have to deal with as parents, but c'mon already, I'm over it.

On a brighter note..... I talked with the dietitian a few days ago about Lucas being extremely gassy. He has been since we started feedings. After worrying that I may need to switch to formula to help his pain, she asked me if I vent his tube. I told her that I did but it never seemed to help. After talking with a nurse practitioner, she called me back and asked how I was venting. I had been lifting the closure on the tube, which was apparently wrong. I actually needed to put the extension tubing on, as if I were to start a tube feeding and that is how to vent properly. Of course, no one told me that, and I of course didn't pack the tubing with me. So we found a home health care store and I found the correct tubing. I came home and as soon as I put the tubing in and locked it, air came out. You could hear it. It was amazing. So now, after months of torture he is feeling better. Some of you may not know that Lucas can't burp. So after feedings, there is no way for air to escape. So now, I can help the little guy! YEA!


Rebekah Moore said...

poor, sweet boy! he has been through so much! as parents we ache for our children when they feel any pain at all. i'm sure ur heart has taken on many more beatings than most parents have to deal with. u've met this challenge head on and ur determined to be the best mom u can be to that sweet angel. i pray God's strength never fails u and His arms always hold u up.

The Wakefield's blog said...

you are so sweet beck. thanks for all of your words of encouragement.