Monday, November 3, 2008

Talk about incredible. Today we had our therapist come together and work with Lucas. The ladies are really nice and just love my little guy. Kama is the vision development therapist and Kim is the occupational therapist. So today they came together to work with him and it was amazing. Occasionally, Lucas will track something or focus on something but it is only occasional. There isn't a real distinction the majority of the time. But today, Kim had her hands under his neck in special place to relieve pressure on the optic nerve and all of a sudden, Lucas was following Kama's light. Tracking and following for almost 10 minutes! It was incredible. Earlier she was working on his diaphragm and he burped. That may not sound neat to you, but he has never burped before! LOL. Yes, its true, he's never burped. Because of his surgery he doesn't burp or throw up. I am just excited about the work that they will be doing with Lucas and I can't wait to see how well he does.
And I just got a call from Kama and she got us in to see the specialist this week. They want to get a 'before' evaluation and get a base line so that when they start working they can see the progress. I am just excited!


Montefusco Family said...

First of all, I love the pictures below and good job on getting them done!
Secondly I am happy to hear that good things are happening with Lucas.

mccannfamily said...

You will love Kim! She is amazing and has done wonders with my little ones. Especially Molly :-) As soon as she walks into your home, this sense of peace and calm falls on you!

The Wakefield's blog said...

Yeah for pictures! :o)

Heather- I was going to ask her if she knew you guys. Glad to hear that she has helped you guys. She is a sweet lady. So soft and calm.

Rebekah Moore said...

beautiful pix of lucas and joshua, u have cutie pies!! i'm so glad lucas is showing fantastic potential. that is just so amazing!! can't wait to see u guys. it might be the last time we can see u since we will be moving to binghamton very soon. lemme know when u will be here.

The Wakefield's blog said...

why would you go to binghamton? eeww. LOL. i'll call you when i get in that week. i'll be there the 17th.