Friday, July 31, 2009

At Last

At last, I'm back to blogger world.
At last, I'm in my OWN home.
At last, I can actually not hear a neighbor. Yet.

We are finally moved in. Well, that's if you call moved in most of your things in the garage. But still, they are on our own property and everything is in our possession. Ours and the bank.

We are so happy. This has been such and exciting, stressful and thrilling experience. After a few hick ups and postponed closing dates, we closed on July 21st. We moved in that weekend and we've been slowly unpacking since. We have a lot of things that we no longer need or want that are being stacked in the humongous garage. Someday we'll get to that. We also been buying a few things for our place. Little things like towel racks and hand towels. But also a new bedroom set. I am so excite to have that because its been 9 years and never a bed of our own. Its always been a frame and a mattress. Boring. But now we'll actually have new furniture in there. Sweet!

The kids are doing good. Joshua had been pushing the envelope on everything for the last few weeks, but I think that is coming to an end now that we are moved in and settling down. Lucas was kind of doing the same. The first 3 days here, he screamed. I wasn't sure what it was, but I was not happy. That stopped, thankfully.

We've had a crazy, and I mean crazy, heat wave. Wednesday my car said 104! What?! I know. Nuts!!! Its finally going back down. High of 90 tomorrow. Even that is high for here. All of the stores have sold out of air conditioners, pools and even fans. We all freak out here in the heat. Wednesday we even went and walked around Petco to stay out of the heat with the dog. LOL.

I'll be uploading pictures soon. Especially of the yard. We have a great sized yard that wasn't level when we moved in. Sunday Josh and his dad and a guy from his work came over and leveled the yard. 7 hours in the heat later, mommas got a level yard! I was so thrilled. We are trying to spread out the top soil that has been put down and then they'll come and hydroseed. I can not wait until it is all done. Green grass, full fencing and my kid outside! Yea!!

Well, I am so thrilled to be back online and reading everyones blog. I've been missing everyone and being nosy! I'll be back, and soon.