Saturday, October 30, 2010

Its New York Baby....

Isn't that an exciting title for a blog post? Wow, I like it.

Well, a lot has happened since I got here. Nothing as exciting as that title, mind you. But we've been busy either way.

Joshua has started full time kindergarten. He is doing great adjusting to a new school. It took over 2 weeks to even be sent to the principals office! Surprising, yes, I know! I even remarked to the teacher that I was surprised it took that long! Ha ha ha. But he is back to being a good kid and learning a lot. I am really liking this school so far. Even after being a bit scared at first about the 'ghetto' qualitites I first saw.

Lucas is enrolling in all of his therapies. Everything has paperwork, and then a little more paperwork. He had his initial evaluation to get enrolled into the Birth to Three program here, and now we have 4 more evaluations to finish before we can begin. Yikes. That is only the beginning of the appointments for him right now too. Its been a good busy though. If you know me, I do well busy. Well, fine, I do OK busy. But its good either way.

And as for me.....I start work on Monday. Its not a glamorous job, but I didn't have to apply, or fight for what hours I wanted. My brothers good friend knew I was coming back to NY and said that if I wanted a job, she was holding one for me. So I went in Tuesday and told her what I wanted to work, and well, there ya go. I am excited. I am a bit nervous too. I haven't had a 'first day at work' in over 6 years. Its been a while. But I am happy to be meeting new people and make some new friends.

Its been a quick transition to NY. I got a new car and a new job. I moved in my own things. Its definitely not vacation. Something that I thought I might feel for a while. I am a bit lonely. I am a lot scared. But I am really happy. I know that this was exactly the right move for the boys and I. That hasn't been questioned at all. But its just a bit strange, I guess. I am back in my parents house, with children. It has been a learning experience with pride. I didn't think that I was that prideful, but I have learned that I am. I am dealing with letting things go....and thats a hard lesson.