Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Ok so about 3 weeks ago, little man's belly button started crusting over. Totally strange since its been healed since he was about 2 weeks old. Anyway, yesterday I was cleaning it and there was a small black spot. As I started looking closer and moving ita round it looked like a string had attatched to the crust. I pulled gently on it, but it wouldn't come off. Eww, nasty, the string was coming out of his belly button. So as you would all guess, I freaked out. I called my husband and my friend and then the Dr's asking what I should do. I really wanted to talk with the nurses at Children's in Seattle, but no one was answering. Finally I talked with someone today and she calmed me down. Its nothing to freak out about. Its probably just the disolvable stitches that didn't dissolve. So I'm heading back to the hospital when I return to get it checked out about. Its was just a freaky moment. Who has stuff expelled out of their belly button?!

I also took Lucas to the chiropractor Monday. The Dr specialises in pediatrics. She was nice and recommends me to follow up with someone when we get home. He has tight muscles on the left side of his head, which explains why he always has his head turned right! So it was a good appointment overall.

In other news, I didn't lose any weight this week. Boo! I have been on Weight Watchers for about 2 months and have been doing great. Down 17 pounds. But last night I was up .4 Yes, that doesn't sound bad, but I've never gained. So I am guessing that tomorrows festivities won't be helping me lose. Oh well, its vacation, right?!

I hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving. I know I will. My brothers will both be here, and my future sister in law! Joel's engaged and I am so thrilled. Finally, one of them is normal....ish. LOL.


Rebekah Moore said...

aw man, now i feel really bad i made u eat pizza haha!! but it is vacation and its ok to splurge a little. if u don't take a break, u'll get burned out. although i seem to have been taking a break for the last 4 years haha! i hope u can come back over next week to play:) i promise to make us fat, healthy salads for lunch haha!

The Wakefield's blog said...

nice. thanks. after pie tonight i know i'll have a bad week. oh well. it was worth it this time. and yeah, the pizza was good. really good.