Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well, we made it to NY. After a long and trying day we were so happy to be on the ground and in our mom's/grandma's arms. It feels like forever since we had seen her when really it had only been since Lucas was born. The last time that we were in NY was last November. Man, so much has changed. Starting with my family, but the city here is so different and even my parents house. Its been relaxing too. We haven't had anything scheduled and it has been awesome. No dr's appointments, playdates. AHHH, I can breath. That is over soon because tomorrow I have plans and we actually have a DR's appointment Friday here. Yes, how crazy. Lucas had a little surgery on his toe Friday before we left and its doesn't look great, so we are taking him in to get it checked out.We flew in and it was snowing and about 30 degrees. Then yesterday it hit 26! Today a whopping 20! LOL. I am going coat shopping tomorrow. HA! Should have thought about that a bit sooner.

So our trip went ok. We hit a ton of traffic Monday morning on the way to the airport. Time that I hadn't accounted for. So as we trekked through the Seattle terminal our S gates were at the opposite end. I had to take elevators that were off the beaten path and I actually got lost. As we arrived to our gate, I was the last person to board. You know how they usually let people with small children board first, well there is a reason for that. I waited at the ramp for my gate checked items to be tagged then trampled through the teeny tiny isle with.... a car seat, back pack, diaper bag, and infant all while watching Joshua march to the end of the isle. Finally someone helped me and took my kid but goodness it was a mess. As we got seated I realized that the wonderful middle seat that had been reserved for us was booked and i had to switch with this nice old man with halitosis. i don't use that often to describe people with bad breath because there is a distinct difference. This man smelled like he actually got done eating poop. My plan of arriving early to the airport was so that I could feed Joshua, put Lucas in his carrier and comfortable and get things ready for a 5 hour flight. Now I had to do it all while sitting in a seat holding a baby. Both of the kids did good considering. They slept at different times, so I was tired but it was better than 2 cranky kids i guess.After landing I only had about 40 mins between landing and take off. I looked for my gate took off. I confused C87 and C97 and so that took some time to cover for. Once arriving at my correct gate I was able to go potty, something I hadn't done since 430AM. I got Joshua a snack and thought, finally, a moment to take a breath. Well, they then announced our gate change. From C97 to C114.

(New day, I went to bed)

As we made our to C114, we all wanted to make sure we were at the right gate. So as the attendant checked she so nicely told us that it was back at C99. And as we so nicely told her it was never at C99 and we weren't walking all the way back there again if it wasn't for sure. So as I literally jogged back with the kids to C99, Joshua all the while yelling, 'mommy, I don't want to run. I want to walk!' And poor little Lucas scrunched us in his cling bouncing up and down. Finally we arrived at C99, and what was waiting you ask? nothing. Yup, no plane. So we stopped and got situated. We were there about 15 minutes and then boarded. It was a short flight, thank God. If it were any longer I think I would have lost my mind.We got to Syracuse around 7, about an hour late. We let Joshua run around and play, the poor kid. And we let Lucas stretch. When we left we finally got some food. Our first meal since 7Am. Then we had an hours drive home. The kids both slept and I got some much needed talking out. When I don't talk all day to adults, it gets built up!

So far our trip has been good though. I think the kids have finally adjusted. Lucas was super fussy the first day back and he is now back to staring at the wall contently. And Joshua was a bit envelope pushing checking out his boundaries, but I think that is starting to go away. And today it snowing. 23 and snowing. Yeah. Oh and if you haven't found the sarcasm in this blog, please re-read and see if you can. It is strategically placed throughout this whole thing. :o)I'll post a few pictures soon. Here is one from last weeks photo shoot. Its the only one that turned out of all of us. Joshua wanted to play with the dog at the farm that wouldn't leave us alone. Josh wanted to leave, he hates pictures. And Lucas couldn't hold his head and he looks goofy in almost every picture. But at lease we got one!!

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Rebekah Moore said...

they sure don't make it easy for 'single' moms and kids to travel! i haven't had to do it with both kids (yet) but i have when my son was a year old, back and forth to arizona. of course, i see no point in getting all dressed up to be cramped in an airline seat so i usually wrap a bandana around my head and throw on a tank top and loose pants (yeah i look HOT when i fly). on the flight back from az, i got seated first and the guy who was supposed to sit next to use freaked out when he saw i had a kid. he started bellowing for the fight attendant to move him away from the kid. after he got moved he smiled at me and said 'now u have more room!' i was so mad i could've killed him. jerk. anyways, my son had an episode of diarrhea on the plane and got poopy all over the seat haha! it was hilarious. the looks i got from ppl just made my day! luckily the lady on the end was very sweet and she helped keep my son occupied and happy. i give u huge kudos for flying alone with 2 kids! and a carseat, backpack, stroller, all that. i get flustered way too easy and i am way to fat to be running around an airport like u did haha! i'd have been screaming for one of those motorized taxi truck thingys haha! i am not a very nice person when i get frustrated. sounds to me that ur a better person that i! ur my hero:)