Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beautiful Blue's

We had our vision appointment today. I was looking forward to this visit because I've made recent discoveries with bubba's eyes and I was interested in learning about it. So what I had found was that Lucas' right pupil was off centered in his eye and starting to turn in towards the center. I had never noticed this before until about 3 weeks ago.

So I got there and started talking about my chromosome findings from last week. He was interested in the paper work and glad that I had been researching. He was aware of some of the things that are symptoms and we moved on. I brought up his pupil issue and he was intrigued. He didn't remember seeing it before and niether had I. He was concerned because he had never heard of a kids pupils moving. It can be off centered from the beginning, but them moving is rare. He takes pictures of Lucas' eyes after every visit, so he said he would look back and see if we just never noticed. He also gave me some exercises to work on to keep his eye from straying. We talked about the what if's too. What if his eye strays all the time? What if it turns in and I can't get it back to the normal spot? Well, no need to worry about that right now. Lets just work on the issue at hand. I asked about patching and that is no longer what they do. If we need to do something, we will put glasses on him that come with a nasal bridge that block one eye from seeing over to the other side. That would make the eye 'work' and stop straying.
Anyway, Lucas' vision has double since our last visit in early February. How great is that? Before it was 21/70 and today is was 20/80. Not totally sure if that is written right. But I asked, and its better. LOL.

I really, really like this doctor. He always uses big words, then shows me what he is talking about. He can do some really weird tricks with his eyes to show what he's talking about. But he also uses examples. Its pretty funny.
Anyway, even though I was a bit worried, the appointment went well. We'll go back in another 2 months and I know that it'll be even better. He's making amazing progress and I am so proud.

In other news, Lucas is sick again. I think that he is teething, again. But its not a normal looking tooth. Its hard to take a picture too. The bottom teeth are in and through and look pretty normal. Size and shape. But on the top it looks like an adult size tooth coming through. But the gum is transparent and it looks like its protruding through the side, not the bottom. Its really hard to describe, but it worries me a bit. When I talked to my mom I had mentioned going to a dentist, but she reminded me that there would be nothing to be done. I guess she's right. What would they do anyway? So he is mister cranky pants. He was up all night and just isn't himself.


Rebekah Moore said...

quick info (i worked for an eye dr for almost 2 years, i kno a couple thing lol!)-vision is measured as 20/number. so i am going to assume if u said 21/70 that u mean 20/170. does that sound right? b/c if his vision is now 20/80, that is definitely an improvement!! horray for lucas!! i do think its weird they wont patch his eye, we did that up until a couple years ago haha! seemed to work just fine...anyways i think all the good vision news is wonderful! and how friggin cute will he be with glasses!!!!! hehe!!

Rachel 'The housewife' said...

Ok that makes way more sense. LOL. 20/170. Haha. Gotta love me though.

The patching thing he told me is what they used to do. But what they've discovered is that it teached the eye to only use itself. With the glasses and a nasal bridge, it teached the eye to use itself and the help of the other eye. The bridge blocks the view over the nose from one eye, making the other one 'work' more. Does that make sense? But yes, can you imagine him in glasses. Oh my. Its just keeping them on him. Thats gonna be fun.

Anonymous said...

Patching is done only when one eye has worse vision than the other. If both eyes are equally affected and he has refractive error, glasses are the way to go. Just make sure you are seeing an Ophthalmologist (MD eye physician and surgeon) not an Optometrist (OD) as they are trained to determine when surgery is needed for eye crossing, strabismus.