Friday, April 10, 2009

Crazy boys

Well, we had our little photo shoot. Let me just say that I don't plan on doing that alone again....ever. OK, thats a little crazy. But it won't be soon. It was rough. Joshua did not want to cooperate. Not that I really should expect that, but I can dream. And mr. Lucas would not turn his head to the right at all! Or up, or open his eyes much. It was NOT easy. But we got a couple pictures out of the 75 or so they took. Poor photographer. Thank God he didnt have another sitting after ours. I made him work for his money that day. LOL. As always, they look great, the few that came out. I love this studio. Its pricey and this will probably be my last year there, but they have given me some amazing shots over the years.

Here are a few of the shots.


Gary and Samantha said...

Rach, the boys look great! I like the one where Joshua is holding Lucas and his eyes are closed. The ones of them individually are really good too!

Montefusco Family said...

I gotta say that of the pictures of Joshua you'd never know that he was being difficult, he rocked it & I totally love the last shot, the one of Lucas. He looks adorable!!

Rebekah Moore said...

these are so cute!!! in the first pic, lucas looks like a little pimp. he's all 'yeah i know i'm cute, ladies.' haha! joshua has just a beautiful smile!! they are both so friggin' cute!!