Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Backwards and Forwards

I swear I come on here and update and the next day it changes back. And then I come back and the same thing happens. So I pray that it doesn't go back and change again after I write this.

So they took Lucas off the ventilator today. We had come back up to the hospital after spending some time at home with Joshua and when we got here he was breathing all on his own! Its so wonderful to see his little face without it being squished up into what the nurse calls it, the fish face. He is such a sweet boy. He looks so much better than yesterday and the nurses keep coming back in to look at him and they just can't stop commenting on how much better he looks. Its great.

So he is doing well. Everything from the surgery seems to be doing good. They might even start feeds tomorrow! I am so excited. I'm not sure if we'll start back up on the binkie training, but any way he gets food, I'm happy with. There is also talk of him getting out of ICU, but we've heard that before. I'll believe that when I see it.

Grandma Alice came up tonight after work and she got to hold Lucas for the first time. It was nice and we just sat and talked together. Quite relaxing. Lucas seemed to enjoy it too!

Hopefully I can come back with even better news tomorrow, so keep we'll just keep on praying.


Heather McCann said...

What exciting news! My advice, keep him in the NICU as long as possible. He'll get better one-on-one care there :-) And it's quieter!

cheereeo said...

Rach: I will continue to pray for Lucas. So glad he is off the ventilator again. And I pray that whatever LD issues he has that they are minor, and he will live a "normal" life with a very loving family who support him 100%--its amazing the programs they have these days. He is truly a miracle. . . and a blessing. Luv Brenda (aka cheereeo from SC)