Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well, here is my perfect little baby! He is so stinkin cute with that tube out of his face. I love his little mouth and dimple chin, just like daddy and brother. Today went well. He has done really good with being extubated. He is on oxygen, but they will be weaning him off of that tonight slowly. They also tried feeding him through his tube today too, but that didn't go as well as they had hoped. They started him out at 3cc's an hour, but after a couple of hours, most of that was still in his stomach. So they are just trying 1cc an hour to see if he can digest that. Hopefully trying a smaller amount will allow his stomach to learn how to eat and he can get larger amounts over time. But over all today, he has done great and mommy and daddy could not be happier!

Today really felt like the first day of motherhood with Lucas. I was so giddy to hold him and stare at him and really feel like him mom. I am so thrilled and blessed to have this little miracle boy in my arms and I can't wait for the future!

We stayed home last night to spend some time with Joshua and it was just great for everyone. I got some mommy time, Josh got some daddy time, and grandma Kris got a little well needed break! :) Mom has just been so wonderful these last couple of weeks. I don't think that I could have gotten through all of this without her. She helped me emotional, physically and took care of my little man, Joshua. I am so thankful for her help!

So I'll hopefully have even more great news tomorrow. But thanks for all the continued prayers!!


Anonymous said...

You are clearly in love with your baby Lucas! Leaving the NICU is often the hardest time, but being home with your other family rejuvenates you and gives you the energy to make it one more day :-) Keep up the great work!


Rebekah Moore said...

aw look at his cute little baby lips!! i LOVE baby lips! it's so fantastic that he is making all this progress! i'm so excited for u!