Tuesday, August 12, 2008

our new little man

well, he finally made it. as many of you know it was an extremely hard day. after a scheduled induction monday, i was admitted friday afternoon due to low fluid. after many ups and downs and twists and turns on saturday, we had a c-section at 930pm. Lucas was born at 9:47pm on august 9th 2008. the NICU team took him right away and intibated him, but soon after he was taken off. he was stable and doing a lot better than expected.

today is day 3 for the little man. he has had the echo cardiogram, a CT scan, x-ray, and a bunch of iv's and a central line. he is still doing great and we are just piecing the puzzle together. so far, he has exceeded a lot of expectations and we are so thrilled. the dr's are still concerned about possible chromosome issues and they are talking with a gentesis at Children's in seattle. there are a few abnormalities with physical features and well as the internal problems he has been dealing with. so putting all of those together, we are hoping for an answer.

its been a very emotionl few days. i didnt see Lucas until sunday afternoon and i didnt hold him until almost midnight on sunday. but holding him finally, was so amazing. but abotu 12 hours after my c-section, i started developing headaches. they are called spinal headaches because after the spinal, a little leak was left, causing spinal fluid to leak out. when that happens the brain is being pulled downward. so the only relief is lying completely flat so that the fluid can't leak out. this isnt the easiest thing to do for days and days. the treatment is called a blood patch. they take blood from your arm and put it over the hole in your spinal sack. unfortunately for me, i'm in the 5% that it doesnt affect. hopefully we'll figure something out soon, so i can walk, pee, and go and see lucas when i want.

josh has been a great husband through all of this. he is so in love with lucas already too. i think more than even me!!! he has been a wonderful support to me through everything. joshua came and saw his little brother on sunday. he couldnt touch him, but he waved and said hi and he thought it was pretty cool. even though the play area was way more exciting!

so please keep us in your prayers. pray that Lucas will be healed. and well, me too! :) no matter what the outcome, this little man was meant to be here, struggles and all! he is a blessing and he will always be loved, no matter what. thank you for all the support, thoughts and well wishes.


Janice said...

He's beautiful! Congrats! You're all in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rach! What a great Blog!!!! Lucas is adorable and I am wishing you both the best outcome!!! Hugs! Hope your headaches get better!

cheereeo said...

Rachel: I think Lucas is absolutely beautiful. So exciting to hear that he finally arrived and it sounds like such a crazy couple of days for you during the induction and after with the dreadful headaches. Talk soon on SC I'm sure. Love Brenda (cheereeo)

Harriet said...

Josh and Rachel...what a beautiful little guy! God does miracles! Praying for you,
Harriet from Grace

Jennifer and her Jelly Bean said...

he's gorgeous.
thinking about your family
(americantjej- SC)

Cindy, Robby & Jacob said...

Hi- I don't even know you, but Heather asked everyone reading her blog to pray for you. We were roommates in the NICU, so I know how stressful having a baby in the hospital can be.

It sounds like you have a terrific husband and family support. That is so important, plus your friends. Take care of yourself and do what you need to do to make yourself feel good...even if it is never leaving his side when everyone is trying to drag you out to take your mind off things.

You'll be in our prayers and keep the faith.