Friday, August 22, 2008


Rebekah Moore said...

he gets cuter and cuter every time they reveal more and more of his face!! and i can't believe how much hair he still has too! my son didn't have much when he came out but he lost what he did have about 2 weeks old. then he had peach fuzz for like a year haha! sadie had a full head of hair for a bit longer, then it came out in a big horseshoe pattern. she looked goofy lol! it's finally starting to fill back in. i'm so happy he is progressing. and ur not crazy for wanting to nurse him either! i couldnt nurse sadie for the first couple of months and i was very sad. i pumped and at least she had that, but its just not the same thing. i hope u get to soon! weird prayer, but i guess God grants all kinds! keep encouraging him, he'll get it! lotsa love!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What an amazing day. So many little victories to celebrate. Hey, how was the OT? If you get Lynn Wolf, you have the best :-) I love reading the updates and seeing how your little miracle is progressing!