Friday, August 22, 2008

We've made some progress! Progress is good, just in case you didn't know. ;) Yesterday they restarted feeding through Lucas' g-tube and things started going well. After not digesting any of the milk, they stopped and then increased the amount. That stimulated his stomach and organs and things actually started working. Today he was up to full feeds at 15cc's per hour. He was doing well and so they sent over a therapist to help start with oral feedings. We did one so far today with about 1cc through a pacifier with a little catheter through the nipple. He did really well with it, but his respiratory rate was a bit high as well as his heart rate. But for his first oral feeding he did great. So she'll be back again at 3 for another one and we'll get a plan for the weekend with feedings.
The doctor also came in to talk with me this morning. We were given the option of leaving here and going to a local hospital at home. But I told him that I wanted the best care, so either place was fine if he agreed. He felt that if something was to happen that they might not be equip to handle it and he may be sent back here. So staying here is the plan for a little while longer. We also discussed the genetic tests that were done. He said he couldn't tell me the meaning, but there was a missing chromosome and a double chromosome. Hopefully the genetesis can research it and tell us more. And lastly they plan on doing another upper GI to see if his bowels were working correctly. That is happening at 330 today.
So overall today has been pretty good and I really look forward to the feedings. I am so excited that he is tolerating them so well and I just really can't wait to nurse! :) who wishes for that?!

Oh, he was weaned off of any air last night too! so the cords are gone from his face. And he is getting rid of that retched IV today too! YEA!! less tangles when I hold my baby!

Last night we went home for the evening to hang out with the fam. We had pizza and played some games. Joshua was too cute, so here are a few pictures of my big boy!!

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Montefusco Family said...

Yay for less tangles. I hope that he continues to improve feeding so you can nurse. BTW I still wish to nurse Mariana, it's our time.