Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ahh, FOOD!

Just a quick little update for today. Lucas is doing great!! He was on oxygen all last night, but they were slowly turning the levels down. This morning he was just getting room air through his cannula. When I left for my Dr's appointment this afternoon, the nurse had taken the whole thing off! When we came back from my appointment, he had started getting breast milk into his g-tube and was doing well. We even did some binkie training. Its a pacifier with a tiny catheter inside the nipple and we inject a little bit of milk through it as he sucks. well he loved it and he did great. He sure proved that he was our son. What Wakefield doesn't turn away food?!

I am feeling optimistic today. Its been great and I know that it will get better. I like days like this. My appointment went well. My blood pressure is still a bit high so I still need to be taking my meds. But everything else looks good. We also got to stop in and see our favorite nurse. It was awesome to see her. We gave her a gift that we had bought and chatted. She was such a blessing to us, and well, we all love her.

So here are a few pics that we took. And yes, he is wearing clothes!! :) Its a newborn onesie that fits perfect in length. The width is a whole other story. Not sure how we'll find clothes for him. Long and lean!!


Anonymous said...

I love the update and you look great! Isnt' the binky trainer fun? We have one left over from Molly.

jennyashe said...

Glad things are looking so good!! I love his little outfit! Matty has the same one, and the same problem! Long and lean! Don't worry, once Lucas starts eating, he'll chunk right up! Keep smiling! :)


TiffanyMLPN said...

Glad things are looking up! And you look great holding him. You still have a glow! thinking of you!