Sunday, August 3, 2008

a pregnancy wrap-up

Our first picture Before draining.....
After draining
Our little guy

Here is my first blog post. I am excited to get something started to document the beginning of our new family. We are happy to welcome our 2nd boy, Lucas, into our family next monday, 8/11/08. We have had a difficult road these last few months. And we are happy to finally have Lucas in our arms and know that he is safe and healthy.

When we had our 20 weeks scan, we expected to find out the gender and we'd be on our way. But that is not what happened. The sonographer found a large ammount of fluid in the babys chest, a small cerebelum, and a thick nucal fold. She made it sound pretty grim. So the next day we went and saw a perinatologist who made us feel a lot worse. He basically told us that our baby probably wouldn't make it, and if he did he would probably die soon after birth. But after he did his ultrasound, things seemed to look better. All of the markers for certain genetic abnormalities seemed to not be there. We did an amnio and all came back normal. So a couple weeks later we went and saw some specialist where they did something amazing. They went into my belly and drained the fluid from Lucas's chest. It was incredible. It was basically an amnio, but once in my uterus, they went into Lucas's chest under his left arm and drained the fluid from the left side. Right when they stabbed him, he kicked and I could feel him react to the pain.

We thought that we would becoming back to either put a shunt in so that the fluid could drain or that we would be coming back every week or so to drain. But when we came back the first week, there was no need to drain. And when we came back the second week, we still didnt need to drain! We were thrilled. So we were being watched every week to make sure the fluid didnt come back and it still hasn't come back. Here we are at 39 weeks and the left side is absolutly perfect. The right side still has some fluid, but compared to what it looked like in the beginning, its just a miracle.

Every test that has been taken has all come back normal from the beginning. The genetic stuff, the fluid that was taken came back negetive for any virus or anything. There is no real explanation for the problems, but we just feel that its all because Lucas is special, a fighter and just meant to be a blessing.

So monday the 11th, we are headed in to meet this little guy. We dont know what to expect fully about what might happen. Depending on the fluid situation, he'll probably be in the NICU for a while. But we are optimistic that the fluid will reabsorb into his body and there will be no need for chest tubes and he'll be home with us in a few days.

So far this pregnancy has been interesting. Scary, emotional, sad, exciting, connecting, thrilling, unbelievable and just plan amazing. God has proven himself to us in so many ways. I have dealt with so many things, but i've always trusted that my boy will be fine. I have been pretty comfortable considering. I have gained about 25 pounds and i've not had to deal with much physically. He is still pretty small, but he's about 6 pounds right now. So that explains me being comfortable. I am just now getting to the point of wanting to be done with this whole thing. I am ready to meet Lucas, lose this belly and have our family together. But at the same point I am a little freaked. What am I getting myself in to? With Joshua running around and a newborn....Lord help me!! :)

My mom is arriving on Friday the 8th and we'll have a little fun time before the baby gets here. Probably a little shopping, cooking, relaxing. It'll be great. I have missed her so much.

So, we'll be updating here with all the news!! Keep us in your prayers.

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