Thursday, August 14, 2008

thursday august 14th 2008

So here is my little update for the day. Not too much new has happened. Yesterday, the transport team from Children's Hosiptal in Seattle came and took Lucas. He needs a procedure done that will fix his diaphram and stomach so that he can finally eat. They are still figuring out which way would be best, but he is now in the best care. Josh went with him yesterday and has been there since. They have a room for us to stay in while Lucas is in their care.

As for me, I had planned on getting discharged today, but my blood pressure is running high and I am still having those dredded headaches. I am getting up to use the bathrooom, but that is about it. I did shower though, YEA!!! My doctor is back from her European vacation and came in today. She is concerned about how i am feeling, so we'll see howit goes this afternoon. I can't really walk much, but all I want to do is see my children. I am missing Joshua so badly and I just want to hold my new baby and never let him go. I know that people deal with worse situations and I am trying to remember that. He is breathing, I am breathing and we'll be together soon. But it is so hard to know that he is so far away without his momma.

As far as diagnosis goes, we are still waiting. The dr's and genetesis' are talking and comparing notes, trying to figure everything out. We do know that the hernia is a hiatal hernia and not the dyphragmatic that they thought. His heart and lungs are still stable too. We are still in need of constant prayers. This has been so hard, and will be for some time. We are happy to live in a place where he can have the best facilities, Dr's and nurses.

I am without a cell phone too. Josh has mine if you need to contact us. Thanks!


Rebekah Moore said...

oh, honey, my heart aches for u! i really hope that this ends soon! i am praying for both u and lucas. i didn't realize u were having trouble too. God bless u, sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel. I have to tell you, you are doing an amazing job! It's very difficult to endure these challenges and unknowns, but you will get through this! I know you are buried in medical terms, recovery, and tons of new information, but when you feel up to it, I'd love to talk with you and see if I can offer any help or assistance. We had a total of about 3 mos. of Children's stays, so gather up your questions and I'd love to answer :-) You are in my prayers and you are absolutely right when you say little Lucas is meant to be here! I have proof that miracles happen :-) Heather

TiffanyMLPN said...

Rach, he is so beautiful!You and your family are in my thoughts, I miss you, and even though we havnt talked much, I am thinking of you. He is making progress, and you are on your way. I know you are feeling overwhelmed, but know I am here for you and I will do all I can for you even though we are far apart! Miss you, Love you !