Monday, August 25, 2008

Just a quick update and then I am off again. We didn't have any Wi-Fi yesterday here, so I couldn't update. Lucas did great with his surgery. They finally took him in at 1am Sunday morning. He was out of surgery in about an hour and a half. They had him on the ventilator and kept him on it all day to be sure that he wasn't working too hard and they wanted him as comfortable as possible. He has been on morphine and he is doing good. The plan was to take him off the ventilator today but that still hasn't happened. Hopefully soon.

We also met with the genetic counselor and genetesis today. It was ok, I guess. We had hoped for more information on what his chromosomes mean, but there is really no way to predict anything. The most likely thing that could happen is learning disabilities. But to what extent is still a mystery. They were helpful in finding us information on groups and classes that we should get involved in right away. School for babies, as she put it. And she also referred us to a genetic counselor in Tacoma. They ordered some more testing to be done too.

Its kind of hard to think that my baby might not be 'normal'. All you want is this perfectly healthy child and for them to grow up normal and live a full life. I find myself going back and forth between 2 ways of thinking. One that he can live a full life no matter what his learning capabilities. And the other, where I find myself thinking that he might not be able to do so many things and that its just not fair. Its a confusing situation to be in and I know that it will all be ok no matter what the outcome.

I guess what I am praying for is that all of Lucas' problems will be his physical issues and that it will be taken care of by the time we come home. I know that God made my son just the way he is supposed to be and I will always love him no matter what. I just pray that he will grow up and live a full life and be happy.

Please, please continue to pray for Lucas. I don't think that I have ever believed in prayer as much as much as I do right now in my life. I know that it has worked for us in the past, but God has made a miracle in the child, and I know that without a shadow of a doubt. Thank you for all of your support!!

****And thanks for all the comments too! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Keep your positive thoughts going! What I can tell you from experience is that your idea of "normal" changes. Whatever Lucas gets to do and enjoy in his life will be his form of "normal". It has helped me to keep this perspective. I have four children and all of them are different and have different strengths, abilities, and difficulties. The best you can do is what you are already doing...loving him and having faith in his strength! Hang in there :-)