Monday, September 21, 2009

My 100th Blog!

To commemorate my 100th post, I thought I'd put together a little video of my amazing little boy. This blog was to mostly talk about him and our lives with him. So I thought this was a good way to celebrate.

Thank you for reading and posting comments. This blog has been a great way for me to share my feelings and emotions and its been so therapeutic. Enjoy.

One more thing about this song that I choose. When I was 20 weeks and we heard the news about Lucas, we went to church that Sunday. We laid our hearts out to God and begged and pleaded that He heal our baby. We were told that he wouldn't survive the pregnancy and if he did, he would suffer a terrible life. While at church, sobbing, we were taught this song. If you really listen to the words, its amazing. Every time I hear it I am filled with emotion from that day and that pregnancy. It was the most encouraging song that I've ever heard. God sure knows what He's doing.

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