Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ahhh, New York

I've been visiting my parents in NY for the last 2 weeks. Its been a great trip. We've kept really busy with family and friends, but I think that we are all ready to head back to the west coast. I do wish I could stay another week, but my house is calling. I've been really wanting to decorate and get ready for fall. I am also missing my normal stuff. Talking on the phone, visiting my besties. Its time, I think. But we are sure going to miss my fam. My parents have been so great, as usual. They are amazing grandparents. My mom has a bond with Lucas, like no other. Its so sweet. And Joshua just adores my dad. But who doesn't? And let me tell you about my kids uncles. Well, they are spectaular uncles. I wish so badly that they could spend more time together. I think that I will try to start coming back more. I really want them to have a relationship over the next few years when its so important.
I've really enojoyed seeing my friends. Its been shorter than normal, but still the same ole prefectness. I <3 you guys.

I am not really ready to fly back. Flying here was a fiasco and I got stuck in ATL with 2 kids. Not cool. But the way back should be smoother. Hopefully. It'll be a long night. By the time we get to Seattle, it'll be 1130pm PST. So our bodies will think its 230am. That is not going to be a fun evening. But my kids are so resilitant. They'll be great! *wink

OK, I've rambled. Here are some pictures from the trip.

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