Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do the Puyallup

So its now become a yearly tradition to go to 'The Fair'. Years ago when Josh and I were dating, he used to talk about the fair all the time. Back home we only had a small fair that didn't have too much selection. So the first year we ever went to the fair, it was a big deal. We were going as a family, something that we had dreamed of, at one time.

So this year, even with hubby out of work, we went. We had a great time. Its amazing to see hoe much my little man has changed over the years. He's big enough to ride the rides and ride them alone! Its exciting, and a little bit sad too. I was getting little butterflies watching him ride like a big boy.

Lucas just hung out in the stroller watching people. My favorite pastime. He was great. He was able to enjoy a famous scone and crusty pup corn dog. Oh, and a sno cone too. What a cutie!

I think Joshua was feeling a little out of sorts. It was warm and he wasn't the most excited that I've seen him. He just walked slow, dragged a little. After 2 hours, he was completely done and ready to crash.

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Jan said...

A coincidence: Did you see Weird Al's brain exhibit at the fair? I saw Al yesterday, recording an episode of the TV show "Yo Gabba Gabba" where my son works! He will be the ringmaster in the "Circus!" episode, and he is really nice.