Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What a 'vacation' we've had. I was hoping to get away and have a break from dr's appointments, but that didn't happen. We saw the chiropractor, podiatrist, and pediatrician. 5 appointments in all. But it was worth it. As long as my little guy is healthy and happy, thats all that matters.
Something happened with Lucas though. Not sure what it was. The chiropractor, the venting and relief of gas. But little Lucas is such a happy boy. Before we left, he never really smiled. Never cooed. And now he is doing both. Its amazing! Yesterday, he ever rolled over! From back to front. Its quite incredible. He is looking at you, staring, following. What a miracle. Its amazing to see the progress in just a few weeks. I can't wait to see his therapists and show them how amazing he is!
Here are a few pictures of my guys and a video of Lucas smiling. He's so sweet. It'll bring a smile to your face.

Lucas having the dredded tummy time.


What a sweet face. Tell me...could you not smile at that face?!

My boys


Rebekah Moore said...

i had such a fantastic time when u came to visit me! i was sad about our 2nd 'date' tho. stupid snow. hopefully we will see each other at sarah's wedding in july!
i have to say tho, i felt pretty special that lucas fell asleep in my arms hehe! he's an angel and i can't wait to see him again.
you look amazing and your kids are adorable. yes, even the 'destructor' is quite a handsome kid and i thought it was totally hilarious that he told me he wanted a pbj sandwich! i like to feel needed and he sure made me feel special! and i have to admit my 'lotioned' leather recliner has never shined so much!! and it smells lemon fresh haha!
we will be outta here in the next couple of months, so this was probably our last visit for awhile. i'm glad it was a fun time! good times, good times...haha!

Gesch Family said...

OMG Rachel Lucas is just a doll!!!! That smile really made me smile! I am so glad he is doing so well!

Anonymous said...

Lucas is getting so big! It's nice to hear all the good news.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful smile that brightens the world!

Gary and Samantha said...

That video is precious Rach. Im glad your guys are having a great time! Cant wait to see you back on SC.