Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well, this time comes every year and this happens every year. I miss my family. As much as I love my family here in WA, its just not the same without my parents and brothers. I did see them all and get my fill, but I still dream of a day when I can drive to visit them. Where my kids can go for the weekend. When we can have family nights with my side. Its sad. I miss you guys.

Well, today I am packing up for the night and heading to Alice and Bills. We decided to make it a tradition to spend Christmas Eve there with Matt and Maggie. So that is the plan. There sure is a lot to pack. Clothes for 4, all of the crap that goes along with that. Bottles and baby gear, the griddle for Christmas breakfast, and loads of presents for everyone. And I can only exect it to multiply when we get ready to come home. Oh yea, fun!

Anyway, I'll be sure to post some pictures when we get back. I wish you all a merry Christmas!

Oh and I will also try to get my hubby to video tape Lucas laughing. I never got Joshua laughing and I regret it. So I really want this one captured. He weighed in today at 12lbs 4 oz. Not the greatest but we'll take a gain. Thats 5 oz in a week. And we are back on the g-tube for a few oz a day. Oh well.

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