Thursday, December 11, 2008

Off the charts!

So yes, I always new my boys were special. But who knew this much? We went to the pediatrician yesterday. Joshua had his 3 year check up and Lucas had his 4 month check up. Mr. Joshua is pushing 48 pounds. On the charts he is probably ranging around the 150th percintile. Yes, thats my boy!!!
Lucas is special too. He's around the -75th percentile. Is that even right? Maybe the 0.75 ?? Whatever. LOL. We are trying different ways to get some meat on that boy. Working around breast milk and formula. We might have to start making the formula a higher calorie count too. Its interesting to hear our dietician talk. Weight per kilo's, yada yada. Who knows what she is talking about.

Things are going well though. I'm almost done breast feeding though. While on vacation, I was breast feeding exclusivly. But after he lost weight, I was pumping and giving him formula. But now that I am only pumping, my milk is almost gone. After 4 months of just mostly pumping, I am at the end. I am proud of myself for making it to our origional goal of actually breast feeding, and for pumping this long. But Lucas' health is most important and he needs more. And well, formula is way easier for momma too.

Lucas is one happy baby that is for sure. Our therapists were excited to see his progress since before we left for NY. His eye sight has improved so much and his motor skills are great. Our dr was excited too. Actually saying that his motor skills are that of a 4 month old! Holy cow. How amazing. God is good!

Our big boy Joshua is doing well too. He started potty training Monday, and much to my surprise, is doing awesome!!! We started off having to pee every 20 minutes. Yes, 20 minutes all day long. Tuesday was about 30 minutes. And Wednesday was averaging about every hour. And today was much better around an hour and a half. We tried training him in NY but it just didnt work. I wasn't ready and neither was he. Its just working and I am more than thrilled.


Rebekah Moore said...

good job on the potty training! patience is the name of that game and it's a huge test of it. my son loved it at first, then he slacked when it was no longer new and fun. he had alot of 'accidents' and i've had to shampoo the carpets quite a bit. he will figure it out tho. he's a bright kid!
it's so wonderful that lucas' vision is right where it's supposed to be. that's amazing! he's such a cute little guy.

Montefusco Family said...

Wow this is one heck of a blog, 150% percentile! Whoa boy, I love it! Good job on getting so far with the bf'ing, you did amazing! Can't wait to see y'all next week.

Anonymous said...

It's always good to hear the fabulous newws! Hey, have you thought about breastfeeding during the day and bottle feeding at night? The more you let Lucas nurse, the more milk you will have. Just a thought. You could up the calories on the formula at night!

The Wakefield's blog said...

becky- so far so good. patience, hmm thats a tough one. LOL. i am praying that it sticks. aahhh. kenny did great when we were there. hopefully he gets it too.

den- yeah, marianna might be pushing that percentile soon. LOL!! just kidding. where do you want to have lunch?

heather- i've thought about nursing, but not knowing what he is getting is hard. when i pump lately i am hardly getting anything. maybe like 3oz every 4 hours. that is just not enough. thanks for the advice. i still can't believe how long you pumped. you are the queen. :o)

Gary and Samantha said...

Yay for Lucas amd Joshua! Good job for reaching your breast feeding goal!!