Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wiffle Ball

Who would have thought that my little old man baby would be into balls? Well, not me. Kim and Kama (our therapists) came over Tuesday to work with Lucas. He was doing well and then Kama pulled out a wiffle ball. He was mesmerized. Well, so was Joshua. It was a struggle to keep Joshua away while we were working with Lucas, but eventually we distracted him. :o) They left the ball with us and he has been glued since. Its just funny. I guess he likes it because of the depth, shadows and maybe because he can put his fingers in the holes. Whatever it is, its a cheap baby toy!

I will say that Lucas is doing good with his hands. He is reaching for things as soon as he sees it in front of him. I am so proud. You forget what babies are 'supposed' to do, and just get excited about all of the little things that he accomplishes. The therapist remarked to me that, he's doing it. Look at how far he has come! I am not saddened that he isn't 'up to par', its just weird to see little babies doing things he hasn't done yet. But in no way do I envy that. I am blessed with a happy little boy, a love of my life, that teaches me something new each day.

Here are a few pictures of Lucas and his new toy.

He's starting to put things in his mouth. Well, OK, near his mouth.

Using his feet to help it up near his mouth.


Anonymous said...

Great post Rachel! I learned a long time ago, well, about 2 years ago, that "normal" is a relative term. No one decides what YOUR child SHOULD be doing, you just rejoice in every little accomplishment, for each one is special and amazing in it's own right! And for us, seeing our little ones simply put something near his or her mouth is quite incredible! I know the feeling :-)

Rachel 'The housewife' said...

Isn't it funny how we react to such a thing? We had pictures today and the fact that Lucas was laughing at the photographer was the best feeling. I swear I was glowing from adoring my child so much. The fact that he smiles makes my day so bright. I am so blessed. And who even knows what normal is anyway? He's normal to me!! I love each milestone so much more. I think that he is exactly what I need! :o)