Sunday, March 22, 2009

One Year Ago

This week marks a year since our 20 week ultrasound with Lucas. I am remembering it like it was only yesterday.

As we planned on our 20 week gender scan, I couldn't wait. I was so anxious to find out that I was having a little girl. I could hardly keep it together. My mother-in-law Alice tagged along with my hubby and I that day. My family is back in NY, so they were waiting impatiently for a phone call. We arrived so giddy at our doctors office. We were taken back and I hopped up onto the bed and exposed my belly. As Alice and I joked and and giggled, we noticed that the tech was not being very friendly. I remember being a little annoyed with her, but shrugging it off and going back to laughing. She asked if we wanted to know the gender and we said YES! She said in a dull voice, 'its a boy'. We let out a little sigh of disappointment and then went straight to saying, oh well, yea! Lucas!!

She then said, I am finding a few issues. As she described what she saw and what it meant, tears filled my eyes. There was a huge amount of fluid in his chest cavity making his lungs almost unable to be seen. His cerebellum was extremely underdeveloped, he was under sized. All things that could possible stop the life of the baby. As I sat there crying, Alice crying and Josh speechless, nothing could be said. She gave us a few pictures and we went to the doctors room. When the midwife came in, she too didn't know what to say. There were no words. We were set up with an appointment the next day with a local perinatologist.
*The black that you see is the fluid around the lungs. The entire cavity should be lung tissue.*
The next day we were more hopeful. After a day and night of sobbing hysterically, I had woken up a bit more lighthearted. I'm not sure why. We went in and got a mini biology lesson with the Dr before he started the u/s. He basically gave us the statistics of age-genetic problems, stats of live births, ect. To sum it up, he said that that baby will probably not survive. If he did he would not live long at all. But after he started the u/s, marker after marker for certain syndromes were negative. One after another. As each went by, we smiled more and more. He was still not hopeful, but we had faith...building. He performed an amnio that day too. Talk about unprepared.

*The after shot. Only a tiny amount of fluid was left after the lungs grew perfectly. Lungs still have never caused Lucas any problems!*

Not to go through the entire pregnancy, we have a healthy baby boy. He was born with a chromosome abnormality. He has a deleted 13 chromosome and an extra 20. There is only one other case ever recorded of the exact numbers. We are already so far from that case history. Something that I wish I had never been told about. We are now writing the history of this and we are going to be a light instead of a dark story.

Thanks for reading about my miracle boy.
*My miracle baby. 12 weeks.*


Jennifer and her Jelly Bean said...

i know it was a rough pregnancy, but he is just gorgeous. perfect in his own little way. and so loved :)

Rebekah Moore said...

how many kids do u know who can brag that they are one in like 20 billion?? unique? yes. special? yes. miracle? oh yes! i'm so glad he proved the doctors wrong. he beat the highly stacked odds. amazing grace, rach, how sweet the sound!

Rachel 'The housewife' said...

aw beck- making me cry. thanks! i can't think now. lol. its so true!!

jen- aw, thanks. i sure am in love with him!

IdahoGirl said...

He is living proof of God's amazing grace. Love to you and the fam...