Monday, March 2, 2009


So I thought I would write blog about praying. I had mentioned before about how I am trying to better about praying. Not just when I am in need, but everyday and for others. We started praying with Joshua every night and I have noticed a huge change in him lately. I'm praying for all of my friends, something that I never really did unless I knew something major was wrong. I totally believe in prayer. If I didn't I couldn't even explain to you how different my life would be. I know that I wouldn't be married still, I probably wouldn't have Joshua and I know that Lucas would never have made it to us!! He is my miracle baby no doubt about that one. But something happened that I am taking in faith this past weekend. As I went to bed Friday night I prayed for my friends and family and for my husband. That he would be able to find a new job. Something that made him happy, successful, productive and a good provider. That a new job would come to him without searching or working really hard to find. So Saturday afternoon we got a call from Josh's dad giving Josh a phone number of a guy who knew of some jobs. I know that it doesn't sound promising, but that is what I am taking in faith. For Josh to be happy, he would be doing something affiliated with the Army. If you know Josh, you know that's what he loves. Well, this guy was a retired something or other who worked on post as a head of something. (LOL) He was working out at the gym where my father in law works out and if you know Bill, he eaves drops and talks to everyone! So this guy was talking about how they had job openings and that Josh should call him. Anyway, I am praying that this is exactly what I was praying for. A job on post, near home, working with the Army. Ahh, that just sounds perfect. He already has 8 years toward retirement with the government too, so it would just add to it. I don't want to start getting excited, but the timing is perfect.

So that's my post. I have new posts on my other blog too

I'll also add a few pictures, as always.

I made Josh take a picture of me. I'm not a fan of full body shots, but I figured i should take one. I'm still only down around 25 pounds, but hey, its better than being up 25!


IdahoGirl said...

I meant to tell you today that you looked great! Congrats on your weight loss!

Rachel 'The housewife' said...

lol thanks heather.

Montefusco Family said...

I agree, you look fabulous!
I hope that the job situation works out & he can get on doing something he loves on post or whatever.
See you tomorrow!