Thursday, March 19, 2009

My boys

My little lucky charm!

I have teeth!

My sweet kiddos.

Swinging for the first time.
One big, one little.

Not much happening these days. I am keeping busy with budgetting and baking up a storm. Ckeck out my other blog to see some of the goodies. Lucas is developing so great. It seems like he just grows leaps and bounds. Its incredible. He also got 2 teeth. I just thought that would teeth would be something that would come later for him, but what do I know? He got 2 bottom at the beginning of this week. They were all the way through. He is starting to put things in his mouth and we are still attempting food. Today we tried sweet potatoes and he did great. I'll keep posting as things progress. We are just keeping busy and trying to not get sick! :o)


Rachael said...

What cute little shamrock pictures! Way to go with the sweet potatoes...I think those were my girls' favorite for a long time.

Rebekah Moore said...

he has teeth?! sadie doesn't even have any teeth yet haha!!