Thursday, March 26, 2009

A week of tears

So today marks a year. A year we never thought we'd make it through. By far the hardest year ever. A year of sadness and enormous miracles. I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd cry so much, love so hard, or be so blessed.
I have had a really hard week. There is a bunch of reasons why. Well, for one, I've been remembering the sorrow I felt a year ago. Thinking about the change my life took that week. I've been really emotional, PMSy, if you will. But I've also had a really hard time with Joshua. He is a spitfire, to say the least. I try my hardest at being a good mom. I don't let him get away with anything, yet he seems to think that he should try every.single.second! It is not funny, so please don't laugh. People use the excuse that he's 3, but they aren't in my shoes. It has been really bad this week.

Anyway, I had a whole blog in my head last night as I cried myself to sleep. I had a great story to tell, witty (I wish) and full of emotion. But as my day has already been bad, this is what I am left with. I cried this morning over Joshua. I cried in the car because I know that I am forgiven everyday by my Lord. I'm crying now because I know I need His grace. And well, now I am just crying. What is wrong with me?!

No I'm not pregnant.

As I end this super exciting blog post, I am reminding you to pray for the family I mentioned in my previous blog. I am not sure why I feel so emotional over this family that I do not know, but for some reason, it is on my heart. They need comfort, hope and peace. That is what I prayed over and over for last night. So please pray with me for those things. Thank you.

And thank you for all of the prayers that helped me through this last year, and that get me through each day! I would have never made it, that is for certain.

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Anonymous said...

I just caught up on your last few posts about inspiring Rachel! Thank you for sharing your heartache, faith, joy, and celebration!