Monday, February 23, 2009

So if you were going to buy your kid a sucker, what would you choose? Red, purple? Never the blue one, right? Gotta love how the men think here. The blue one will of course stain the tongue, hands, carpet. Ahh, men. Anywho, here my kid after the blue one.

So late Friday night, Lucas decided that he wasn't going to sleep and be super fussy. He was eating ok, but couldn't breathe, was coughing and he was just plain miserable. As the day progressed he stopped eating and just became more cranky. Come Saturday night, and keeping mom awake he was just unsettle-able. (Nice word, huh?) We skipped church and took nice long naps, everyone. I started thinking in the beginning that it was tummy issues again, but as the days went by it because more apparent that it was RSV. We took him in this morning and the doctor said that it was RSV, but not much could be done about it. His oxygen levels were good, so that is whats important. He felt the Lucas was old enough to fight it. Unless he gets worse and wasn't breathing well, we should just watch him. The wheezing was really bad and so we tried a breathing treatment at the office, but it didn't seem to help. But I cant hear him breathing right now, so maybe it did work. Here are a few pictures from the office today. He's such a little trooper.

I uploaded this video basically for my mom. Hopefully she checks my blog at some point.

So Josh and I are deciding to get debt free. We know that its going to be a process, but we're going to make it work. We are going to get rid of cable (Lord help me!!!), I want to start budget grocery shopping (Lord help me!!!) and we are going to stop eating out (I can handle that one, I think.) So any advice on the budgeting home front, I would gladly take. I am looking for stores with double coupons, good coupon sites and whatever else you can pass along. Thanks! :o) Pray for me! LOL.


Rachael said...

Hi Rachel! What a sweet family you have! That is exciting that you are starting down the road of saving money for your really can be fun:) Its a lot of hard work at first, but I do enjoy it and it allows me to stay home with my toddler (and in May, my toddler and newborn:). My husband and I are both on the frugal side to begin with, but we've been able to cut our grocery budget by 50% and we eat better than we used to, so it can be worth it. Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

I'm also in the Pacific NW and I'm also beginning a "frugal adventure". Two blogs I've found really helpful: Money Saving Mom & Frugal Living Online Blog. Money saving mom is so inspiring and helpful with deal finding, BUT she is located in the Mid-West so I've never heard of a lot of the stores she shops (but still worth visiting her site!). Frugal Living Online Blog is located in Portland (yeah!) so she shops where I shop (fred meyer, safeway, albertons). My only problem with her site is that she often blogs about "Safeway Doubles" which are only offered in Oregon and not in NW Washington Safeways. Oh Well, still love her site. We need a Seattle Area Blogger to tell us where to shop and with what coupons! :-)
Good Luck! Hope this was helpful.

Montefusco Family said...

Sorry that you've got a sick kid again, man he's gotta be tired of always dealing with something. What a sweetie though!
Good luck with the menu planning & the polenta, lmk how it goes.
I really should be planning weekly meals too. Gah!

Rebekah Moore said...

oh dear, RSV is not joke! i'm glad his dr thinks he is healthy and strong enough to get through it! i'm praying for u, sweet boy!

The Wakefields said...

Rachel- thanks for the compliment. I've stayed home since my oldest was born. I didn't have to learn then. I wish I had though. Congrats on the new baby! It a fun learning experience, to say the least.

Anonymous- thanks for the comment. I saw money saving mom's blog yesterday. I was very impressed. I'll check out the other one too! Yesterday I called around asking if anyone took double coupons. I think they thought I was crazy! Haha.

Denelle- We'll see how the polenta goes. I am thinking that it might be added to my list of things I don't like, but its worth a try. It seems super cheap. :o) I know that I am sick of Lucas being sick all the time, so I can only imagine how he feels. He's just been making noise all weekend, moaning. I have officially become a baby wearer. Let me know when you want to come back over too.

Becky- Thanks for the prayers. He's a tough little bugger. Hopefully he is strong enough and we don't go back to the hospital.

megankremer said...

Can you imagine how much easier money issues would be if you eliminated the debt? Woohoo!! Good for you darling! We haven't had cable for over a year and I really don't miss it.