Friday, February 20, 2009

Joshua and I went to the Point Defiance Zoo today. We had so much fun. It was just the 2 of us too! I picked him up from school today and we had lunch in the car and off we went to Tacoma. We stayed at the first exhibits for about 1 minute. He was not impressed with the elephants much, or the feeding of the tigers, no matter how much mom pleaded. We finally made it to the aquarium where we saw the sea otters, beluga whales and the walrus. He was my favorite. I could have stayed and watched them all day. He actually reminded me of my brother Jesse. He he. Whoops. Anyway, Joshua behaved really well, and made me think that all he really needs in one on one attention from me more often. So that is what I am going to try and do.

2 of my favorite things. Joshua and Mt. Rainier.

This is the size of a full grown polar bear. Yikes, that's big!

So after hearing from our OT and pediatrician, I've decided to stay away from the bumbo seat. I really thought it would help Lucas get more strength in his neck and torso, but I am taking their advice and going with it. So I thought that maybe we could sit in the high chair. Well, he does it! I was so excited that he was comfortable and was able to stay up mostly on his own. I think that he liked it too. He got a new perspective of his little world. So here are a few pictures of him just sitting and watching.

God I love that startled face!
There should be a sign like at the zoo,

He really liked that silly duck toy.

This is just a cute little video of Lucas in his high chair.


Montefusco Family said...

Lucas is so funny in his high chair. I also love the funny ducky toy btw.
I love that you and Joshua got to spend some good mommy/son time together, this might help any bad behaviour.
Also you're a nerd with Mt. Rainier. I'm gonna tell Matt about you.

The Wakefields said...

i know. its totally my obsession. i love my ride home from preschool now. i have the most spectacular view of the mountian. i knew i liked that school!

i can't wait for the pass to open. i seriously am going up there with no kids to stare and take pics all dayy. i'm very excited.

Rebekah Moore said...

lucas looks so friggin cute in his highchair!! how great that he can sit by himself! whatta big boy!!