Monday, February 9, 2009

6 Months

So my little man is 6 months old today. Just for fun last night we gave him some very runny rice cereal. As you can see from the pictures, he was just not into it. I don't think he even noticed he had food in his mouth. I know he's not ready, but it was fun either way. Maybe next month. Lucas is doing good. The infection is just about gone and he is slowly gaining weight. He was up to 13lbs 3oz today at the doctors. His length is great, around the 75 percentile. Our main goal right now is getting his neck strength up. He's not lifting his head up too much, but I guess its better than a few months ago!

My blue eyed boy!

Leave Joshua alone for a little while
with paints and this is what you get!

I wanted to upload this video, just for laughs. This is going to be hilarious in about 15 years! One day we were watching Enchanted and he started dropping to one knee right at the end. It was so funny. Well as I recorded he started kicking his legs up. To add to the situation, he is, of course, wearing his undies. And well, they're on backwards. So enjoy.

This one just shows you how crazy Joshua really is.


Montefusco Family said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE his dancing and the fact that his undies were on backwards... oh my goodness... I am cracking up!

Gary and Samantha said...

Those videos are sooo funny! I love em!

The Wakefield's blog said...

oh my, he's so crazy. i laugh everytime i see it too. thats my boy.

Rebekah Moore said...

i think lucas totally recognized joshua in that video! he saw his big bro and smiled! that's so cool!!

The Wakefield's blog said...

becky- lucas always smiles at joshua. even if he is just walking by. its so cute.