Sunday, August 7, 2011

Poem #2

I can count thousands of lies that came from your mouth.

I’ll be up by noon. I’ll take out the trash. I’ll vacuum the floors.

Simple lies, they were.

I’ll never cheat on you again I’ll never get drunk again I’ll never ‘almost’ kill you;


They flowed from your mouth like honey.

Every one of them, believable.

I stayed too many years.

I believed too many times.

I told myself too many lies.

He’ll be up by noon he’ll take out the trash he’ll vacuum the floors.

He’ll never cheat on me again. He’ll never get drunk like that again. He’ll never ‘almost’ kill me;


I hate that I loved you.

I hate that I wasted my life with you.

I hate that you are filled with garbage.

I hope you never change.

I hope you always speak lies.

I hope you never have another someone believe the never-ending, backwards, bull shit that comes from your mouth.

For you are undeserving.

you' are worthless.

you' are LIES.

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