Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Days of School 2011

Well, this week marks a brand new adventure for all 3 of us. My days of being a stay at home mom are long behind me. Both my kids are in school and they are no longer my little babies.

Joshua entered first grade! I can't believe my little 5 year old is in first grade!! Time has flown by. We've gotten off to a rocky start this week with switching to a new classroom, new teacher and new friends. But we are hoping that rest and a relaxing weekend will bring a new and great week of school.

Lucas has had his little world turned upside down this week. Our little daily routines at home are gone and replaced with new, earlier, faster ones! He started special education preschool at a local facility. And let me just say, it is awesome! His classroom has a preschool teacher, a special education preschool teacher and is filled with aides. Lucas has a one-to-one aide that is with him all day helping him with his daily tasks. We met her yesterday for the first day, while mommy hung out at preschool too. Her name is Kelli and she is great. I just know that he will be in good hands, getting enough love and hard work to keep him comfortable. While he is in school during the week, Lucas will receive speech therapy daily with the head of the speech department. He will also be receiving PT and OT 4 times a week with the same therapists that we have had since last year. I am beyond excited to watch Lucas learn and grown. Just in the last month or so, he has made leaps and bounds with words and communication. His comprehension has grown and he is even signing about 5 words and picking them up fast! The preschool has an open door policy, which I love. I can pop in whenever I want. I can participate with therapies, or lunch or just hang out. It is so exciting.

My classes are going well too. I am just taking 2 classes and I am not working. They way that my classes and Lab fell, working while the kids were in school wasn't going to happen. So the next few months will be tight, but being home with them at night is worth it! I am taking microbiology this semester and it is going to be tough. But so far, it is pretty neat. The Lab has turned out pretty cool though. We are growing some pretty cool bacteria! Haha.

Our weather has already turned as well. I can't believe how fast it changed. Fall is here and soon...winter. I am NOT ready for it. But at least we can look forward to spring, right?

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