Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Friends.... In No Particular Order

I've been wanting to write a blog about my friends. I love them. They are what keep me sane. Whether I talk to them daily, weekly, monthly, or just random texts, I love them. Each one of them have special traits that I love. Each one of them have been significant in my life.

Tiffany LaBreck Mott-
My dearest and oldest friend. Oldest as in, oldest and I've known the longest. Haha. She was my partner in crime from about 13-18. We started off innocent. (Or at least I was.) We've been through funny things, sad things, and some things that I don't even remember. She's a super strong woman and momma. She has 3 boys, who are just awesome. I love that when I go back to New York, she's always there. We can always pick up where we left off and there is never any awkwardness.

Tiff, I love you. I would not be who I am today if I hadn't been your friend!

Sara Pliscofsky-
Sara, my party friend! She was my rock when my husband deployed to Iraq. I didn't want to be her friend at first. Skinny little blond thing. But it worked. She was great. We did everything together. Even went to the gas station together. If I hadn't had her, I would have been a complete mess, more that I was anyway. She made me laugh, was there when I cried, and she taught me a lot! She is a rock, with a huge heart. She has a mind to learn and share. She has 2 little boys, almost the same ages as mine. Pretty cool, I think. I hate that she lives in Florida across the country. But we've remained friends all these years, and we can keep on doing it!

Sara- Thank you for being my strong friend, supportive and fun! Love you!

Jenni Pritchard-
Jenni- Who would have ever thought we'd be friends? Not me! Our husbands were friends growing up. So when we came to Washington to visit in 1999, I met Jenni. She was pregnant and quiet. Nothing like me. Then years later, we we moved back here to WA, I was once again introduced to her. But this time, it was different. After a few months, we got close and now she is truly my best friend! She is nuts. Crazy, funny, and loving. She has a huge heart and an open door. She'll help you out whenever she can. Its amazing. The thing I always say about Jen is this; I can be my utmost self with her, and she loves me anyway. I have been sick and miserable in a hospital bed and she's come and made me laugh so hard I thought I would rip my stitches. She's been my friend through laughter and tears. Supports me in all my decisions. I really feel like she'll be my best friend until the day I die. We'll be those old ladies you see, acting too young and looking stupid.

Jenni- Thank you for being there, always, and making me smile! Thank you for loving my kids, without judgement!

AnnMarie Trudeau-
Ammy- What can I say about Ammy? She's a fighter. When we met, it was through a stay-at-home-mom's group website. We were lonely moms with nothing to do. We were both living at our in-laws, stuck in a new state. We instantly connected. AnnMarie and I are an odd couple. Tiny little thing, and well, me. But that never matters when we are together. We goof off, laugh and hang out. Its always comfortable. She's a tough cookie, who somehow, always gets her way. When we go through rough patches, the other can always make you smile. I love that. Our kids love each other too. Its so sweet. Someday, they'll marry. AnnMarie loves things with a passion too. DMB, Jamba Juice, and bags of all shapes and sizes and Disney.

AMMY- Thanks for always making me laugh, telling good stories and being my true friend.

Denelle Montefusco-
Denelle- You're crazy. Another friend who always gets her way.... Denelle and I met online in a support group for women with PCOS. We were both pregnant at the same time and she seemed 'normal'. She moved back here to WA, and we decided to meet. We met at a park, and after about a minute, Joshua puked on the ground and Lucas started fussing. She knew what she was getting into from the moment we met. For some reason, she wanted to hang out again. This time she came to my house and hung out for like 9 hours! LOL. We have a bond that pretty cool. I'm not sure if its because I was a military wife, that we had kids around the same time, or that we both PCOS, but I love her. She's fun. She likes most of the same things that I like. (Except the whole New Moon thing? WTH is that?) She's a good cook, puts up with my weirdness and she's so much fun to be around. She's a strong wife and mom, who's dealing with extremly hard things.

Denelle- Thanks for always being yourself, fun and caring. And for giving the best hugs ever!!!

These ladies are my closest friends. I am blessed with other friends in my life, but these girls are what make me really happy. Another thing that I truly, truly love is that they are all friends on Facebook. They all chat about something, even though most of them have never met. It makes me smile to think that maybe, just maybe, we'll all be together someday!

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