Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just an update

Its been a few weeks so I thought I should write something. Not much is happening in our household. Josh is back to his old schedule 2-1030pm. I hate it because he leaves at 1230pm and doesn't get home until 1130pm. So we don't get to see him really. I liked it better before when he was here most of the day. It was nice to have him around to help too. :o) I love my kids but sometimes I need a break.We are staying busy. Most days we are out and about. I've been trying to get together with friends and have some playdates. It keeps us busy and gets us out of the house. Its nice, but then we aren't home much. I'm trying to get to the gym during the week too. Overall, its wonderful being home and leaving it!

I'm obvisouly boring today. Sad.

Lucas is doing great. We had our surgery follow up yesterday and everything looks great. We are working on weight gain and getting Lucas 'bulked up'. Not sure that he'll ever be chubby, but we're working on it. He is doing great and he's just settled in. He also slept in his crib last night. He's been in a bassinet in our room since we brought him home. Not really for any reason. Just so that mommy feels better. He's an excellent sleeper, but putting him in the room with big brother scared us a llittle. We bought a crib tent a few weeks ago. Most people use it to keep cats out. But we use it to keep big brother out. Last night went fine and everyone was peaceful.


Rebekah Moore said...

boring is a blessing! no emergencies, no surgeries, no sick kids, no floods, no trips to ny (haha), it's home sweet home, baby! altho i'm quite certain 'boring' isn't a word commonly used in a home with 2 young kids. i think boring is more shocking than sad hahaha!!

The Wakefield's blog said...

boring is not the same thing as bored. i dont think that i ever get bored! you are so right thought. i am so thankful that we aren't traveling right now....anywhere. thanks for giving me some perspective!!

hope you are settling in.