Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, we finally made it home. Thursday we went back and forth a bit as to if we should. Lucas was doing good, but I was still a little concerned about him. But by the afternoon, we were definitely ready. After running to the store for some food and the pharmacy, it was about 7pm by the time we settled down. Joshua stayed at Alice and Bill's that night, so we could relax. The night went great and we both felt better that next morning.
So far Lucas is doing good. His incision still looks a little red and I am watching it. But he seems a lot more comfortable and happy. He's happier than he's ever been too. I wonder how long he'd been in pain before we took him in. Poor little guy. This time I won't hesitate to take him in. I am so thankful for our pediatrician. He didn't write anything off and suggested that the obstruction could be the problem. Thankfully we listened and Lucas is healthy and happy.
I was going through our baby development book and looking at some of the development signs at different ages. The doctor thinks that his motor skills are about on target. But as I was reading, his mental development was looking a bit behind. His development was more of a 3 month old. I am hoping as he grows, that will also continue to grow. We are still working on head control and our next big goal is sitting up.

Joshua is back to being a sweet big brother. I love when he is like this. I wish that it would stay that way. He just wants to talk nice to him and hold him. Its adorable. He has been such a great kid. Its been hard for him this week, but he is getting back in to the swing of things.

Thanks, as always, for the wonderful support. Its been a really hard week for me. I've felt strange. Not weepy or anything, just a bit numb to all that has happened. I know that the stress is taking its toll. I wasn't sleeping great and my diet was a lot different too. It was overall a terrible week. But I am hoping that this week is better. More relaxing and less stressful. Its just hard to see your helpless baby in such horrible pain. I just want this whole chapter to be over with. No more hospitalizations, no more surgeries.


Rebekah Moore said...

yay! i'm glad ur finally home! i'm glad the baby's pain is over. it's so hard when ur babies can't tell u what's wrong, that they hurt. i'm glad they found out and i'm glad they fixed him! give him kisses for me!

aufachse405 said...

Im thinking of you guys! I hope everything is going better. Poor Lucas!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear the news! Don't get too down about the mental development. Keep in mind these little guys can only work on one thing at a time. I've watched my little ones grow physically, then mentally, then back to physically, and so on. He'll get there. Plus, if he's been fighting an ailment, that definitely affects development! hang in there :-)

megankremer said...

So glad you are home and Lucas is doing better!