Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hospital Visit

Well, here we are. We came into the ER last night around 6. We were not looking forward to hanging out in the waiting room for hours and hours and luckily we didn't. They got us in right away and we were up in a room by 930pm. So far it hasn't been a bad experience. Lucas is comfortable, something he hadn't been since Thursday night. And he is resting, something else he hasn't done since then.
Thursday night Lucas just got really fussy. He's not typically a fussy kid, so it was a bit strange. He didn't want to be put down at all. After being up every hour all night/morning long, I was at my breaking point. I literally saw every single hour on the clock. No fun. We went in to our pediatricians office at 9am Friday morning. He told me to let him eat whatever he wants and just give his tummy a break. If he wasn't feeling better in a few hours I should take him in to the ER. But come 1, he was actually napping a little. We tried feeding him a little more but he was very uncomfortable. So we packed up and took off. His abdomen was extremely extended and he was just miserable.
Now to add to all of our baby trouble, we also we evacuated Wednesday from our apartment. Washington state has had major flooding and the river behind our house was rising. Luckily we were able to stay with Alice and Bill, and nothing happened to our place. It was exciting to say the least. My friend Ann Marie came up to stay with us Tuesday night and we were heading back to the airport during evacuations. That was just insane. It took me 3 hours to leave my house and get to Alice's that night. The trip would usually take me about an hour.
So here we are. We are just waiting to find out whats next. Surgery is a possibility. We just need to know if the problem is stool or scar tissue. They are going to do a contrast xray and we'll know more.
I did take a few pictures, well, because I'm weird. He's just too cute to not take pictures of.

Down the street from Alice's house

Joshua in daddy's boots.

Raccoon's on the roof of the shed


Montefusco Family said...

Poor little guy, I hope that they are able to "fix" whatever is causing him such discomfort so that you can all rest easy soon.
Sorry about not being able to go with us, it sucks. We will have to plan something for another time.

Rebekah Moore said...

aww poor munchkin! he looks pretty cute in his hospital gown tho! they'll figure it out and take care of him. i sure hope he doesn't need another surgery. it's never any fun not being able to evacuate the south pole! kiss that angel for me!