Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Way to go Momma

I've always been the chubby one. Even when I was skinnier, I somehow was still the chubby one. LOL Its followed me around, forever! When I was younger I didn't have a lot of friends. I went to tiny school, lived in the country and had no life. So food became my friend. It was a comfort when I was alone. So fast forward 20 years, and this is what you get. An emotional woman, who is an emotional eater. Food has always been by my side through all my struggles. I've tried to get into exercising. Tried to limit quantities, specifics, but nothing. I would lose and gain. Lose and gain. Lose and gain.

Well, over the last 3 months, I started working out. Regularly. Everyday. Its crazy, I know! The weight started coming off, slowly. But I didn't care. I just wanted it to go away.

I came to NY not knowing how I would continue my workouts. I thought about running, but I am NOT a runner. My ankles hurt, my knees, my boobs. I told myself I would at least walk. Well, I decided to try and run and see what happened. And guess what! I did it. I started at 2 miles and I've been adding to it ever since.

If you add the fact that I wasn't eating due to poor life choices of a certain someone in my life, I dropped some significant weight fast. For once in my life, I wasn't emotionally eating. I was stressed, emotional, angry and full of adrenaline. And well, I turned it into something positive.

I dropped 9 pounds in a 2 week period. 12 pounds from my last weigh-in in WA. It was shocking! I hit 30 pounds weight loss, and I am still going. I am so proud of myself. Excited to see what my body can look like. Excited to see how I can actually be in control of this one thing for the first time ever!

So anyway, I just wanted to share. I am proud of myself, and that never happens!


Kathleen said...

I am sad that you have never been proud of your self, but I rejoice that this is a new day!!! Rachel, you ARE an awesome woman, and let me tell you, MANY people are proud of you, and for many many reasons.

Sara said...

Whoo Hoo chicky!! Ive always been the chubby one too, only in the few years I lived in TX was I "hot" ... So I know the feeling of getting your sexy back. You deserve it Momma!!