Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Real World

So our life have been a bit crazy these days. I've been putting off sharing the truth because it didn't 'need' to be out there. But I think that its time to share and let the world know.

I'm all about honesty in my life. Even if it makes me sound crazy, mean or just plain annoying. But that is how I am choosing to live my life, and that is my choice. I think that if you can't be honest, why bother opening yourself to a person at all.

Josh and I separated a few months ago. I've shared before of some of our struggles over the years. I've never gone into detail about anything, and I still won't. But its been an extremely difficult marriage for the past 10 years. But everyone knew that. We've dealt with things that some people only dream of.

I will leave the details out of this post. Basically, we are no longer pursuing our marriage. Its sad, but it is for the best interest of myself and the kids. I've promised Josh that no matter what happens, the feelings we have, that the kids will always know that they were conceived in love. They will know that there was love, once, and that they will ALWAYS be loved. I am sad that they won't get to grow up with 2 loving parents like I did. But I know that their lives will be happy and that I will give them everything they need and support them through anything!

Emotionally, I am doing pretty well. I am in New York on vacation right now. This was not what I planned on happening while I was here. But if that's how things go, that's how they go. My family has been amazing, and have been everything that I want/need them to be. I have hope for our future. I know that I am strong enough for this. I know that what I can't deal with, I can give it up to Someone who can.

I will continue with my blog through this. I've been putting off writing, because I didn't want to cover up my life with 'stuff'. But now that this is out in the open, I can write freely.

Thanks for the love and support. If you really want to chat, feel free to email me or Facebook me.

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brighteyesmw47 said...

I'm very proud of you. Communicating honestly, while maintaining honor for your boys is gonna be so vital. I love you sister and know that even in this that 'God works ALL things together for the good for those who love and serve Him. He can turn darkness into light. I believe He will make all things new in you. You are an overcomer!