Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lay off = Vacation

Multenomah Falls, OR

On the train to the zoo

Hanging at the pool
Federation Forrest, WA

A few weeks ago, Josh came home from work and told me that he had gotten laid off. Super. Didn't we just buy a house? Oh yeah, that's right. But we were smart about things when we bought this house. We knew that we could afford living here if Josh got laid off. He still gets money from disability and that covers most of our living expenses. Its a huge blessing.

Since Josh works construction and works for the union, they don't get vacation days, pay or sick leave. So in the last 2 years we've not really had a family vacation. So we decided to take advantage of the time we had together and have a little getaway. We took off to Portland last weekend and had a blast. We stayed at a really cool hotel. It was a bit too hip for our needs, but it was cool. It was near the airport and train stations, so there was plenty of things to do. We went to the Oregon Zoo on Friday. Hands down, the best zoo I've ever been too. It was great. Tons of animals in a huge place. It had animals from all over, including the Pacific Northwest.

We got to see some of nature, which I love. My husband even sucked it up, and took me the long way home. I wanted to drive the coast and he agreed. After a few hours, I was a bit bummed we went the long way though. It took 3 hours to get to Portland, and 7 to get home!!! It got a bit old. But I was happy that we did it in the long run. The kids were great, except for the bit of puke we had half way through the trip home. Joshua said he didn't feel good, but he was fine. A few hours later he said the same thing, so we pulled over and he puked. He caught us by surprise, that's for sure!

Over all, it was an awesome trip. It was great for our family to get away and have fun together. We are ready for work again, but we are still taking advantage of the time off. We have projects around the house that need to get done, and yesterday we went on a little hiking adventure. We all had fun except for Lucas. He was not a happy baby in the backpack carrier. He wanted out.

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Rebekah Moore said...

i didn't know josh got laid off! i'm so sorry! i will pray he gets work very soon! BUT u have to admit, since all things do happen for a reason and are under God's complete control, a vacation with everyone was probably wicked fun and awesome and definitely well-deserved! beautiful pix! glad u got to enjoy each other!