Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday Baby

So I almost published my latest blog. All about my pregnancy and crazy birth story. All about the issues that I dealt with bringing Lucas into the world. I couldn't finish it and left it for another day. I am so glad that I waited. I sat and went over the blog in my head and realized that the blog wasn't about me. The birthday wasn't about me. It was about my baby. It was all about Lucas.

Here he is, able to breath. His heart is beating. His eyes are seeing. His ears are hearing. His brain is working. All of which we didn't think would happen.

When I was pregnant, one doctor told me that my pregnancy was a 'missed miscarriage'. What is that? This was no missed anything.

One doctor gave us an option of abortion. What is that? There was no way!

One doctor told us Lucas couldn't see or hear. What? I don't think so.

My amazing little baby has proven so many wrong. He had prayer from the start and God came through, as usual! He had a purpose and is fulfilling it every single day.

I am blessed beyond measure with Lucas in my life. He has taught me so many things about love. About myself. About the love I have for my husband. And he helped me have a better relationship with Jesus. There is no way that I could have made it through the last year and a haf without being able to lean on Jesus. To cry out to him in my moments of dispare. In the moments that I was so scared and at the bottom. I owe everything to him. Thank you Jesus for my baby!

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