Saturday, June 13, 2009

Compromises and Excitement

Well, we did it. We bought a house. We are soo excited. We've been dreaming of this for years, but we've never been in a place where it could actually happen. We are finally stable enough as people to buy a house! :o)
I didn't think that we were ready to jump to this whole thing this year. But after sitting down with our cousin, the mortgage broker, I realized we could actually do this. So we found the perfect place a week after we were serisous. We made an offer after seeing it the first day and it was on. There was a little bit of a bidding war with another offer and at the end of it, our offers were neck and neck. So the seller talked with a lawyer and they chose the other offer. We were so bummed.
So we started our search again. This time expading our search area beyond where we really really wanted to be. We knew that if we looked a bit further we could get more for our money. So we started looking in Bonney Lake. Its about a 10 minute drive from where we are now. So its relly not that bad. After seeing 3 other houses and really liking them, the last one won. We made an offer that day. Around here you jump fast, or its gone. We learned that on the first house. Well, the offer was accepted with all of our terms. We asked for a lot, but in the end the seller got what they wanted too. Money.
So the compromises are:
We really wanted like an acre of land. Well, thats basically impossible here unless you are serisouly in the country, or get a big time fixer. Neither of which we wanted. That is why the first house was perfect. It wasn't a fixer and it had an amazing yard.
We really, well I really, wanted to live in the valley. Basically where we were living. Close to family and friends. And closer to church. Bonney Lake is not where I wanted to be.
In the end, we got a beautiful house that fits our needs, had a nice yard that will be fenced in, in Bonney Lake.
Bonney Lake has everything you need and more. 3 grocery stores, Lowes, Home Depot, movie theatre, Target, Applebees, 2 Starbucks, tons of fast food and a Walmart. OK, I think I just sold myself again on Bonney Lake. Haha.
The house is also brand new. Its in a development which we never said we'd live in. But its a corner lot with a great yard. Its next to a lake, ok pond, and its out near a small forrest. Its great.
So in 2 weeks (ack!) we'll be moving out of this apartment and into...wait for it..... my inlaws house. LOL. Our closing date isn't until the 15th of July. We're breaking our lease, so we have penalities and such, so we're saving a whole months rent by living with them for 2 weeks. Oh it'll be fun, thats what I keep telling myself and Alice anyway.
So thats it for now. The next time you see pictures of the place will be moving day! Yea!!


Rebekah Moore said...

that's wonderful!! i'm happy you finally got ur own home sweet home!!

Heather McCann said...

Where in Bonney Lake? We are off of 234th!

Jan said...

Congratulations! What a pretty, NEW house! You will love having all that room.

Rachel 'The housewife' said...

Its over near the high school. I'm still learning my way around there though! We'll have to hang at a park this summer for sure Heather.